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Singularity RPG Moderators ([personal profile] singularitymods) wrote in [community profile] singularityooc2012-12-19 04:05 pm
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App/Reserve Schedule Change

Hello, Singularity!

Just a quick note today. As of January 1, we’re going to stop using the app cycle system. What this means is that applications will always be open. We’ll still take reserves (which are currently open), and we’ll hold them for one week at a time. During that week, we won’t review any challenge applications for that character until the reserve holder submits their application or the reserve expires.

Given the current pace of the game, we don’t expect this to cause any difficulties on our end, but please bear with us as we update the relevant game pages. (The list mod position will remain open until we find someone to fill it; until then, page edits will be a little delayed.)

That’s all for now! The metaplot will resume after the holidays, and we’ll have a discussion post then to see what you guys are interested in doing. Happy holidays!

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