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Notes from the Rift

Dear Singularity,

The following characters have recently been eaten by mysterious forces. They shall be remembered (or forgotten), and their disappearances mourned (or celebrated).

Characters under Swept failed to make the recent Activity Check and must re-app in order to return to gameplay.

CT | [personal profile] soundslikeafuckingkid| Red vs. Blue
Violet Parr | [personal profile] personalbubble | The Incredibles
Agent Carolina | [personal profile] whatever_it_takes | Red vs. Blue
Barricade | [personal profile] namesnotprowl | Transformers
Arle Nadja | [personal profile] arlenadja | Puyo Puyo
Micah | [personal profile] hybridharvester | Rune Factory
Darth Nox | [personal profile] forcewalking | Star Wars: The Old Republic
Kanaya Maryam | [personal profile] mcfussyfangs | Homestuck
Ashley Williams | [personal profile] brbvirmire | Mass Effect
Nepeta Leijon | [personal profile] shipper | Homestuck
Stephanie Brown | [personal profile] selfmadehero | DC
Cortana | [personal profile] mymothersshadow | Halo
Rose Lalonde | [personal profile] roseintheshade | Homestuck
Justin Law | [personal profile] guilloteen | Soul Eater

Cliffjumper | [personal profile] cliffjumper | Transformers [Classics/Shattered Glass]
Loki | [personal profile] flyting | Marvel [cinematic]
Deadlock | [personal profile] driftlock | Transformers [IDW]
Liara T'Soni | [personal profile] asari_scientist | Mass Effect
Eve | [personal profile] halfheartedcurse | The Binding of Isaac
James Vega | [personal profile] notromanceable | Mass Effect
Tony Stark (Iron Man) | [personal profile] fe_male | Marvel [cinematic]
Duo Maxwell | [personal profile] stillshinigami | Gundam Wing
Lavernius Tucker | [personal profile] hardlines | Red vs. Blue
Carver Hawke | [personal profile] soldierofthegrey | Dragon Age
CLU 2.0 | [personal profile] a_perfect_end | Tron
Alejandro Borges | [personal profile] arachnophobe | Dead Space
Kimiko Ross | [personal profile] autodidacticrobogirl | Dresden Codak
Terezi Pyrope | [personal profile] circuitry | Homestuck
Emma Frost | [personal profile] myownbestfriend | Marvel [616]
Shockwave | [personal profile] notsoloyal | Transformers [Dreamwave Comics]
Eleanor Lamb | [personal profile] notyourutopian | Bioshock
Emile-A239 | [personal profile] spaceracist | Halo
Thane Krios | [personal profile] tablepuncher | Mass Effect
EDI | [personal profile] thatisajoke | Mass Effect
Gibson | [personal profile] userless | Tron

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