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Mod Positions Open

Hi, Sing!

Charlie here with some announcements. I'm going to be stepping down from modding (as well as dropping both Zelgadis and Marco) in about two weeks because I'm taking a meatspace/work shift for six months that's not going to leave me the time or energy to work on RP anymore. The mod team is now opening up for a new immediate addition so I can be around to help with transition, and eventually taking over as admin mod.

My current duties are managing comm lists, updating the taken, reserves, and contact pages as characters add and drop, activity checks, occasional app reading, and general housekeeping chores to make running behind the scenes thing easier on the mod team as a whole. I don't deal with any plot or NPC talk, though if you're interested in that, we certainly won't say no. Please be wary of spreading yourself too thin, though; it's better to commit to a smaller number of tasks that will definitely be taken care of, and backend work can get tedious during busy periods.

Also, we're looking for a second app mod, which means that during the first two weeks of every month, you'll be expected to read and comment on incoming applications. We aim to have under 48-hour turnaround on app responses, so the time commitment is important for when apps come in, but light otherwise.

If you're interested, drop a comment here with the best way to get in touch with you (we do most of our coordination on Plurk) and we'll get back to you.


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