12 Aug 2012

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And the Jurassic Park event is up and running! Feel free to go ahead and have your characters notice the gradual increase in dinosaur population. (IC realizations would be awesome; ideally, Wash and/or York will make a post in a couple of days realizing just where the problem comes from.) If there are any questions, just send 'em my way - PM, comment here, or ping me at [plurk.com profile] palazzo. Happy dino hunting!
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I'm sorry to do this, but unfortunately I am dropping Cathy Barrett from Sing. She was my only remaining character which means that this means I will be dropping the game as well.

I have loved my time at Sing immensely, with both Wanda and Cathy, and I will miss Cathy's CR so much, but I am just absolutely burned out with her. ;3; I'm sorry to do this when she's only just gotten things with the Apple up and running again and gotten established with the Bat Fam, but it can't be helped :c

The Silver Apple can go to whomever wants to take over and run it as they like. All of the notes she's written up about Sacrosanct and people on board may be found in the Bat Fam's network as well as on the computer in her apartment which can go to Harry along with her puppy.

Much love to all of you who made my time here so memorable <333


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