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Zelgadis Greywords ([personal profile] unchimerical) wrote in [community profile] singularityooc2012-12-15 07:46 pm
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-1 Charlie

Hi, Sing. I love you guys to death and don't want to leave, but meatspace calls.

Zelgadis ([personal profile] unchimerical), with some help/witnessing from Roxas, belly-flopped into the Rift and probably got pulverized in the process but who know.

Marco ([personal profile] baldwinboyfive) got hella murdered by Clove and Piter (who have corpsegodmode rights for whatever they want) and failed to respawn for mysterious reasons.

Thanks for a great ride and hilarious CR along the way! I'll probably stick my nose around to threadstalk now and then, and if work calms down somewhere down the line I might app back in; other than that, I hope you guys have fun and continue being excellent to one another.