15 Nov 2012

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hello singularity! i'm kiwi and this isn't my first time here [i played a certain maroon fellow the last time i was here] but it's been a while and i've got a new character. this time i'm here to play AGENT CAROLINA from the extremely popular webseries RED VS. BLUE!

of course, like north, she's coming in from an AU. so, again, it's freelancers meet the wild west. instead of AI we have native american talismans and horses. and instead of mock-mjolnir armor we have cowboy hats and chaps. quite the tradeoff. her app is over here if you wanna take a gander at it.

if you wanna hit me up to do nonsense with her you can either get me on plurk [plurk.com profile] desynchronization or try and get me on AIM at hiyokugetsumei
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Hello, Singularity!

Now that we’ve gotten through both the Hypatia Plot and the Fourth Wall Event (thanks for making it so much fun!), we’d like to move the game towards the overarching metaplot. Timing-wise, though, we need a break! It’s been a good month and a half of big plots, and with American Thanksgiving coming up next week we need to put the metaplot on the backburner for a little while -- that, is, through the end of November. Mod- and metaplot stuff will return in December!

Until then, though, we’d like to move the plot forward through player and character plots. We introduced the Mission Board with the game overhaul, and what we’d like now are volunteers to help us integrate it into the game, both ICly and OOCly.

ICly, the station is a mess after the last few weeks -- the Reavers destroyed a lot of infrastructure that had come back online after the Hypatia plot, and plenty is still offline in the first place. Repairs aren’t the only thing needed, though! Just about everything’s gonna go on the fritz at some point-- or enough so that just about any character has something to do.

But if things aren’t fixed up, the characters might find themselves in a lot of trouble as the metaplot progresses...

OOCly, we’d like to make the mission board the way players get involved in our metaplot. It’s easier on us for you guys to sign up when you want to do things, and to let us know how much involvement you’d like to have. At this stage of the game, if there’s something on the station or in the plot you’d like to affect, you’re more than welcome to. We are working towards a guided metaplot, but in the interim, the sky’s the limit.

That said, we need to get used to it! We’ve done one test-run mission, which directly affected the Fourth Wall Event, and we’d love to do more along those lines. Of course, we’re bound to run into some snags along the way, but we’re willing to change things up to make them work.

What if I don’t have any ideas for my characters? Or what if I can’t find someone to do a mission with?

That’s no problem! The form on the page just asks for your characters’ motivations and skillsets to give us something to build from. We’ll take those and give you a couple options for missions if you don’t have an idea on hand, and once you pick one we’ll give you a mission scenario to work with.

If you’re signing up alone, we’ll signal boost the request through the mod plurk to help you find someone who’s interested in doing a mission or pair you up with another solo signup, if there are any.

We’ve also put up a CR Meme to help you find people to play with! We’re still working on the schedule, but we’d like to run these monthly or bimonthly around the time apps close.

Any comments, questions, or issues, just let us know below!


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