8 Oct 2012

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Hello, Singularity! We have a few important announcements today.

  • We now have a Calendar page. We’re using Google Calendar, so any time we update it, it’ll show up there. (Of course, we’ll make announcements for big updates - this is just for a look ahead.) Plot dates are not final. There’s some wiggle room in there in case the Hypatia plot needs more/less time -- this is just an approximation.

  • The next app round will begin November 1. While we wanted to have an app period in October, the fact is that we just don’t have the time to process apps on top of overhauling the game. As always, reserves will remain open until the start of the app round.

Please note that the calendar isn’t part of the navigation yet! It’s linked from the profile, but since we’re working on editing a lot of the pages and adding new ones, it’s easier on us to do that at the end of the process.

We are still working on overhauling the game -- there’s a lot to do, and it’s taking time! Ideally, though, we’d like to have everything squared away by the end of next week. This overhaul does involve rewriting and editing a lot of the game pages, however, and a fair bit of communication, so please bear with us as we work on it! If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to leave them in this post or contact us directly.

The Hypatia plot is still going on, and is currently in the third phase, preparing for the assault. We have a rough estimate of beginning the next part this coming weekend, but if more time is needed beforehand we can push it back. If you want to get involved but aren’t sure how, feel free to contact Hiku ([plurk.com profile] hikuswing) or either of the plot mods (Larissa and Varis). The last phase is going to require a lot of communication, so don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions or want to do something!
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Okay, now I know a few of you are feeling like there's too much to catch up with, now, and tagging is impossible. That's not true! The OOC recap is for just this sort of thing.

Below, I've written up short summaries and sections on all the characters who went ICly to Asphodel. Everything with a blue asterisk alongside it is something I've written to aid in hand-waving. Most of these additions are to either fill in the blanks or complete a thread that might be taking a little longer than everyone is happy with.

These summaries are purely for outside reference, so people don't feel lost and like they have to go read several hundred comments. It's what your character might need to know, or what might be marked on one of the dossiers, or just generally what looking around the bunker on Asphodel would have told them.

For more specifics, I tried to link everyone to their OOC post. Not everyone had an OOC post for the recap, so some threads have log links and some are sans links altogether.

At the very least, this will tell your character what they need to know to join in on the training logs.

If you find something written next to your character that you disagree with, or don't like the phrasing of, or if your section is missing, or incomplete, let me know!

Tacticians )Tanks )Support )Pilots )Scouts/Medics )AI )TBD )N/A )

Mass Effect )

Now! This chart is, by no means, exhaustive. If you want to handwave your character through Asphodel, or you want to establish what someone was doing off screen, on the station, just fill out the HTML below and leave a comment for the recap.

If you are having trouble because your character simply wouldn't have gone to Asphodel, shortly after the Training Log goes up, I'll be doing an open log with Shepard. Given Hypatia's latest threats, she's going to be recruiting people Hypatia might not be watching so closely (i.e. people left on the station during the trip). She won't be recruiting them for combat, but rather as Couriers to deliver hardcopy (and thereby unhackable) messages to various people.

This courier position has the benefit of allowing your character to interact with everyone and anyone on the mission and doesn't require them to fight. Characters who went down to the planet are also welcome to take up this position, if they'd like. It's a CR freebie.


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