11 Sep 2012

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Hi, Sing! Charlie here, bringing you the most irresistible Animorph ever to grace the planet. I am stealing Marco from the moment the book series ends and launching him straight to Sacrosanct. In short order, he will be looking for your video games, hot girls, and fast cars; any cool animals will probably be sneakily acquired.

As usual, I lurk on [plurk.com profile] drawzel, and the same username for AIM and Skype.
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Hey guys - Larissa/ou!Wash here. As I'm sure you've noticed, things have been pretty up in the air since the last mod post. Due to a number of factors including RL stress and burnout, the current mod team is unable to facilitate a turnover, and I offered to take over the reins in order to see what interest there still is in continuing the game.

Obviously, things have slowed down, but if there's interest, I'm willing to take point on keeping things going. Alex has offered to stay on as app mod, and Hiku's good to roll out the Hypatia plot within the next few days. I would like to find at least one other mod to help keep things going, if anyone has the time for it. As we've become a smaller game, I think we could manage with fewer mods for now, and expand further if necessary in the future.

So, tl;dr, if people still want it, the game'll keep rolling out with the plot as planned and go from there. If people still interested could comment for something of a headcount that'd be awesome, as well as any questions/comments/what have you.


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