22 Aug 2012

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Alrighty everyone!

I've been desperately trying to word this as clearly and succintly as possible and I apologize for any confusion caused by my rambling. Please ask me questions if you feel something is unclear or that I omitted a serious consideration, make suggestions if you have a better plan of attack, and throw in anything else you'd like to contribute. I'd love to hear it. This is a collaboration with all of you.

On that note, I would like to emphasize that I wrote the majority of this before this post happened and I ask you to please bear with me in that most of this post doesn't assume that we'll be ending the game any time soon. While it would not be hard to roll this into an endgame event to follow, it would take me considerable effort to rephrase all of this and that plan isn't entirely set in stone yet.

But we've barely begun and I'm already straying into a tangent! This is not the post for discussing the endgame and moderator positions at Sing, this is for the Hypatia Plot!

Let's begin!

OOC Mechanics, so everyone can be comfortable. )

Now that I've suggested that, we can get to the fun parts! (Relatively speaking, of course.) If anyone has concerns or opinions about anything above, though, I'd really appreciate it if you could comment on it separately from any of story points below. I assure you, I would not consider it clutter. In fact, it would really help me to keep everything straight so I can make sure every comment in this post gets its due attention.

Plot. )

I apologize for both the length and...decidedly disjointed nature of this rambling post, but I hope it was clear enough to get my ideas across.


Oh goodness. There's still a few of you I need to respond to, and...I think, a bunch who still need to weigh in, but I think we may be getting excited (which is excellent, in and of itself, and I have a grand list of predicted character affiliations for later) and passing over the first part of this post.

So if everyone could kindly weigh in on the Schedule? Over on this thread. I would really appreciate it.

Just any basic leanings toward how long you think each section should last, IC and RL, what you'd be worried about running too short or too long, and generally when you'd like this event to actually start.

All of that will help me immensely in getting this ball rolling.

The last bit, though, may be more related to any ideas the Mods/some of you have for an Inciting Incident, or what have you, but just letting me know when each of you would like it to start would really help me average a date that works for everyone as best it can.


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