21 Aug 2012


21 Aug 2012 01:22 am
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Yeah, I'm sorry guys. Looks like I'm going to be bowing out again too. Thanks to everyone for all the fun times I had with my many iterations of this guy. I love you all to pieces, but I don't think I'm gonna be able to stick it out.

Catch you all around. ♥
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Hey kids, Vic here. As you've probably noticed, the game has slowed significantly and the overall metaplot is sadly lacking in progression. We regret to say this has been from mods simply not having the time or drive to, well, mod. It's not always a fun job, and sometimes people lose steam. Personally I'll be going back to school and working full time in just a couple short weeks and simply won't have time, and the other mods are in similar boats.

What we're asking you, the players, is this: Should we roll out the End Game plot, or is anyone out there willing to take up the reins? We'd need several individuals (around three) willing to dedicate time to run the game and keep things flowing. We'd provide setting and plot information as required to get the ball rolling, and several of us are willing to keep piloting key NPCs, but ultimately you would have the reins of the game.

So. Thoughts?


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