5 Aug 2012


5 Aug 2012 07:48 pm
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Sarah here, and guess what? [Insert "what?" here from audience] Chicken butt!

Ha ha, but seriously, I am going on hiatus for quite a bit as 1) Real life is being a depressing butthole, and when depressing buttholery happens my rp drive goes super low and 2) Whether the depressing buttholery ends or not, I am going on vacation to Hawaii! So I have decided to go on hiatus while trying to end the crappy irl stuff and then through my vacation, God-willing coming back on the 22nd. Because how can life still suck after going to Hawaii?

What does this mean for Samus Aran, Lara Croft, and Batgirl Stephy Brown? Well, essentially nothing except regular things for them, however if anyone wants to NPC them or have me do a quick cameo with them for something, just let me know! I can be PMed by any of their journals and am also regularly available on plurk.

Thanks guys for understanding, and hopefully I will be back before the 22nd, but in case not I'll miss you all for the time period! Keep on truckin'.
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Things Hydok has been doing: Homework.
Things Hydok has not been doing: keeping up on a game she forgot to hiatus in.

Hi guys, so I'm back with Justin here and uh, tagging like a maniac so I don't flunk out on AC. Sorry I've been so fail at activity. Anything interesting happen recently?
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Dropping Roll. I need to readjust a few game things and she was the one on the chopping block. x.x I'm sorry to all of those with CR with her - she was a blast to play, but I can't keep the mindset active, so...off she goes.

Still here with Nemvoy here.


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