10 Jul 2012

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 Hawke's about to pop out of the teleporter covered in ooze, guts, blood, sweat and other filth. This means she is post-endgame! Also, now that I've finally finished both the Legacy and Mark of the Assassin DLCs, she'll have memories of those stories as well.

Also also ALSO.

A specific power limitation has been lessened! This has to do with the Entropy school of magic from her world, which involves a whole lot of digging one's nails into your organic thinkpan. Rather than an immediate agonizing deterrent to using any mind-affecting magic whatsoever, the more Hawke fiddles with a character's gray matter, the more she starts feeling the effects of a bad drug trip. A really, really bad drug trip.

What that means she can now do (WITH PLAYER PERMISSION, I will under no circumstances have her do any of this without asking first) is reach into somebody's head and send them waking nightmares, blind them, paralyze them, make them see and feel things that don't and should never exist, put them to sleep, and more. There's potential there I wouldn't be opposed to exploring, yes indeed. Getting Hawke to be motivated enough to do this to somebody is another story.



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