5 Jul 2012

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So Emma was going to run Xavier's School for Bored Youngsters, right?

Rather than attempt to corral everyone into a formal schedule on an OOC basis (TOO MUCH LIKE WORK), I was thinking we could handwave the IC scheduling and then people could post their classes to the logs comm (or network comm, for the paranoid distance learners in the audience), operating under the IC assumption that this is all scheduled and orderly, and with the OOC understanding that pretty much anything besides Professor Deadpool's 432 Ways to Kill a Humanoid is cool.

If there are no glaring flaws with this plan (read: tell me if there are any glaring flaws with this plan), Emma will send out an IC schedule tonight.


5 Jul 2012 02:34 pm
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I'm sorry to say it, but I'm just not feeling Sing anymore. I love you guys and will miss you (and will still stalk the hell out of your threads) but I just can't get the motivation to post anymore.

This affects Vonnie right here.
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Motivation can be a funny thing sometimes and leave you quicker than you expected or wanted. That being said, the pokermens Homestucks are going back to Johto.

This effects John, Rose, and Jade. We figured it would be easier just to toss up one post instead of three.


5 Jul 2012 10:15 pm
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Okay everyone--Starting Saturday, I'm going to be in San Diego. I'll technically be on a slowiatus from Saturday until Tuesday, but then it turns into a full blown hiatus as I'll be at San Diego Comic Con. I'll be back on the 17th, hopefully.

So starting the 7th, Erik will be trapped in the mighty ether that is the teleporters.


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