22 Jun 2012


22 Jun 2012 02:25 am
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Hey, Kate here. I'm in panic mode before my trip, so I'm going to call a semi-hiatus now until the 27th, then a full hiatus June 27th - August 23rd. (Off to Europe).

Eddie "The Riddler" Nygma is simply ~missing~ (aka autopilot in hiding).

Peeta Mellark is autopilot around, with 100% full godmod rights going to Tomato to assume whatever is appropriate for the character (including and up to getting triggered, etc); anything short of death. Please, legit, feel free to assume that he checked on someone that he would have checked on (ie Violet, Terry, Cathy, Altman, Wash) and things like that. If there's any question of what he would do in a situation, I trust Tomato to answer them if she feels comfortable doing so.

I apologize to all my peeps for the lengthy hiatus, but rest assured that I'll be back. I'll also try to get to as many tags as I can before I leave.


22 Jun 2012 07:11 am
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Hi there boys and girls. I've been trying my best, but as those of you that I've been threading with can attest to (especially the last week), my tags have been abyssmal. Due to work constraints and RL drama, I'm currently unable to tag as much as I used to be able to. Starting next week the bosses have me training another newbie, so I won't be able to tag at work, like, at all... work is when most of my tags get done, due to having a kidlet and a wife in class over the summer.

With the holiday of the 4th coming up, things are going to be insane on top of everything else. This is life in the hotel/timeshare business, guys and girls.

I'm calling a hiatus until July 9th, in the hopes that things calm the hell down. I've hopes that things will settle down after the holiday weekend... boy do I have hopes.

I'm going to continue to putter through the existing threads that I have, but won't be starting any new ones.

Harley Quinn // [personal profile] hesmypuddin is safely locked up and will continue to be.
Eponine // [personal profile] allaloneagain has been eaten by a transporter, which will sufficiently freak her the fuck out on return.
Zhaneel // [personal profile] bondedgryphon will be out living in the wilds like a gryphon is wont to do.
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Hi everyone, Mari here. I play Cathy Barrett here from the Nightside books. This is a CR-plotting post with a few opportunities for interested parties.

[1] Since Ladon Ceto sadly disappeared from the station, Cathy has taken it upon herself to take over his bar, The Silver Apple. You can see information about the place here. Ladon closed it before he disappeared, and Cathy's kept it that way for a while, but is planning on re-opening very soon! Not wanting to take on the job all day/every day, she will be checking in to see if there's anyone who wants to help out.

Positions would be available for at least 1-2 cooks, at least one more bartender, or anyone interested in just doing some heavy lifting or cleaning or...whatever. I figure this is a good opportunity for people who want to give their characters something to do if they like to keep busy?

Of course this also means opportunities for anyone who wants to just stop in and just grab something to eat or drink, meet people there, etc. Still not sure if Cathy will be charging for drinks since Ladon didn't, but she'll charge for food as he did at least.

[2] I've been wanting to have Cathy throw a party for a while now. Once planned events calm down I'd still love to do something, but I'd like to know if there's anything specific you guys are in the mood for. There have been ideas for a beach party, a zone/pub-crawl sort of thing, as well as just a re-opening-the-bar party. All with food, drinks, dancing, or activities of some sort.

Open to ideas and suggestions since I want to make this an event everyone can enjoy!

[3] Cathy is also going to start setting her good friend Harry Lockhart ([personal profile] nippledetective) on blind dates. Harry is a petty thief turned private detective with a terminal case of foot in mouth syndrome. The goal is to set him up with eligible, single ladies over the age of 18, however I think she's open to any kind of CR/interactions since hideous misunderstandings, bad dates, and general awkwardness are also awesome.

I will probably have her make a post locked away from Harry announcing her intent to set him up on dates so people can ICly contact her if they're interested or want to volunteer someone.

You can contact me privately at [plurk.com profile] ramiahstar about anything in this post, or Madi for Harry CR at [plurk.com profile] runawayballista.


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