19 Jun 2012

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may as well jam this in here while we're in post-event lull

KAIDAN IS GONNA GO AWAY FOR A BIT and get canon updated to ME3 status, just after rejoining Shepard's merry band of misfits and being raised to Spectre status and whatnot. So he'll finally know who his bros are!

So he'll disappear tonight after heading through a teleporter for some stupid reason, and he'll show up again either sometime tomorrow night, or Wednesday, depending. I actually have no idea what I'm working the rest of the week atm so I need to find that out first 8D;

Feel free to notice him missing and take the opportunity to rifle through his shit. Don't expect him to be happy when he comes back and finds all his gadgets moved around, though. :|


19 Jun 2012 06:14 pm
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See you later, space cowboys (mutants, superheroes, etc).
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Vic here. I'm visiting my parents for the next few days, so my access is a little weird. I'll still be around, but getting a hold of me for mod stuff might be a little difficult. Your best bet is to ping me at teamkill on plurk, or vicious hallway on AIM.


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