13 Jun 2012


13 Jun 2012 02:37 am
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Sorry for being so slow to reply, all. Due to my own stupidity, I've been reminded why poison ivy sucks (the plant, not the character, thank you Roy) and it's made sleeping and recovering from allergy issues a lot harder.

I'm still here and still tagging, but please, please bear with me because I'll just be insanely slow for the next few days.

This affects Betty Ross and Ro Rowen. PLEASE let me know if I miss tags; I'm [plurk.com profile] littlebulldozer if you need to poke me for anything.


13 Jun 2012 06:31 pm
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I always hate doing this, especially in games I've been in for so long. But I've been clinging on for the past few months, trying to muster enthusiasm, thinking I'll have more time, and it's just not working.

I've had so much fun here with this guy, made some great friends, and I hope to still see y'all around. So this is Tron saying goodbye to Sing.
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So I realized that I should gauge interest for a post/log going up for that poker game Joker wanted to organize.

Earlier this week (or month?) Joker put out an announcement inviting everyone but serial killers to a game of poker. I don't think he has a set location for it yet, although I believe the roof of Normandy house was suggested? There is no actual preference for where the game is held, and I didn't want to suddenly have him giving out coordinates to the house since he wouldn't without express permission!

Anywhoo, it's an open invitation, and I just wanted to see if there was enough interest to get a post up, or otherwise I'd just sweep it under the rug and just say it happened. I'd probably put it up this Friday/Sat depending on people's schedules.

I forgot to add — if your character didn't respond to his post, I'm perfectly cool with pretending they did and having them invited! free cr! we're handing out more CR than Oprah!

so, comments? questions? bueller?


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