9 Jun 2012

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Despite my hiatus, I do still have a plot to do, and I shall do it!

Starting on June 11th, Soundwave will begin broadcasting a series of 80s songs over both the network and his own broadcasting towers throughout the station. There is an underlying frequency in his chosen songs -- it brainwashes individuals.

So what will it do, precisely? The intention is that Soundwave wants to brainwash everyone to be friendly and kind and sweet to each other. He is going to bring peace to this station whether you like it or not.

This also means that he intends to brainwash people to bring him their weapons, if they have any.

So this means a few things:

- Soundwave will be filtering the signal so that it will not affect just a handful of people. This includes Skyfire, Clu, Shockwave, Altman, Delta, and Gem.
- This signal will probably not affect psychics, but I do leave that at your own discretion.
- If you don't want to be affected, that's fine; either the signal failed, you hate 80s music, etc.; no big deal!
- If you do participate, the idea is that you are eerily complacent and will avoid confrontations best you can, including verbal and physical. Additionally, you will surrender your weapons to Soundwave, where he will store them in a unit.
- At the end of the event, Soundwave will return the weapons back to their owners.
- The event ends on June 14th at 11:59 PM PST when Soundwave returns everyone to normal.

If you guys have any questions, please ask.


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