8 Jun 2012

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WELL HELLO, did you want more batfamily? No? Well you're getting it and you're going to like it.

This is Sarah (player of Samus Aran and Lara Croft), not bringing you another strong female video game prota-gone-ist. Crazy, right? Instead have a strong female comic protagonist. This is Stephanie Brown AKA the last Batgirl before the DC reboot. She's mouthy, showy, and doesn't ever back down. Which usually is very bad for her but, hey, girl doesn't really take a hint.

Anyway YEP I'll be posting soon, all that jazz, can't wait for everyone to hate love her!
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So I heard you were in dire need of rubbish therapists around here.

by which I mean someone said to me, "hey you should app a rubbish therapist" and I said "oh okay"

SO HEY. This is Trauma, he's from Avengers: The Initiative which is a Marvel comic about how much boot camp sucks or something. also when I say he's a rubbish therapist, I mean he's actually quite a good counsellor, he's just really bad at literally everything else.

oh and he's a fear demon. which makes it sound way cooler than it is; basically he's a boggart

I don't think there's anything else to say :U um, I am Frank and feel most free to hit me up for plotting or my generally obnoxious ramblings about whatever canon I'm consuming at any given time. my AIM is BluePeterLadyboy and my plurk is [plurk.com profile] firemansam
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Hey everyone! Alicia (aka Kimber that 80s pop star or something) here with her ~second character, Julia Hoffman from the hot mess that was the recent Dark Shadows movie (as opposed to the equal hot mess that was the old soap opera). Look - my excuse is that I just really like canons that ultimately make no sense.

As for Julia, she's a therapist - though whether she's good or not is debatable. Loves her some hypnotism, but not as much as she loves her some alcohol. Also has this whole thing where she's terrified of growing old, which complicates things for her later on. I'm taking her just before her "exit" from the movie, so basically everything that's happened to her - has happened. I guess. Yeah. Awesome.

As always, any questions/comments/anything idk? Feel free to PM me, ping me on [plurk.com profile] zombiejosette, or IM me at ghettospellwork. c:


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