7 Jun 2012

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It's been hideously obvious, but I haven't been the most active individual as of late. Mostly, my new schedule's been kicking me in the rear and making it near-impossible to keep up with tags and new stuff as of late.

So for now until this new schedule is done (which won't be for about two or so more weeks), I'm going to be on a mostly hiatus.

I say mostly because I do have an event I will be doing on the 11th with Soundwave. More details on this later.

Thanks for your patience everyone. I will work on catching up on what I already owe if said players involved in my old tags are still interested.
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What's up, internet.

This is Jeff, and this is my second character: Urdnot Wrex from Mass Effect. He is a krogan, a reptilian race of dudes who kind of have a big chip on their shoulder when dealing with aliens of pretty much any kind, due to the fact that a long time ago, some aliens got a real hair up their ass about something (they had a problem with the krogan trying to take over the galaxy - what a bunch of a-holes, right?!) and genetically sterilized all of them, reducing the krogan's ability to reproduce to the point where they're barely capable of continuing their race's existence. Wrex here is unique among the krogan in that he gives a damn about the continuance of the krogan race instead of just finding someone and beating the shit out of them like many other krogan do (although don't give him wrong, he doesn't have a problem with knocking a few heads together). Wrex is being taken from the midway point of Mass Effect 3, after he's done all of his own story-important stuff, but prior to the main climax of the game. Wrex is the current leader of the krogan race and is what's known as a Krogan Battlemaster, which in the language of the krogan, translates to "the murder train is now on the tracks." No, seriously, look at this very scientific image.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to check out his application, or head on over to my contact post and you can get in touch with me pretty easily. Also, as Mass Effect 3 is still a fairly recent game, if you'd prefer I avoid spoilers for the game while interacting with you, just go ahead and let me know on that contact post.

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Hello, Singularity. I wish I could quit you. But I cannot, and so, I find myself here once again.


And this is my douchebag. His name is Starscream! Some of you have probably heard of him! He's an idiot, an asshole, a jerk, and a backstabbing slimeball. He also has a giant pile of CR AU thanks to Cape and Cowl, like some other robots around here. Expect soap opera drama and black romance to follow him wherever he goes.

I need to reset his icons and then I'll be introing him and stuff yay.


Due to Starscream's CR, there are some characters he knows things about. I will contact you guys personally if I think there's a problem, but for now, I think the important things are these. If you're like OMG NO YOU CANNOT KNOW THINGS ABOUT MY CHARACTER, just let me know and, well, Starscream DID just have his soul cut into pieces and maybe he hit his head on the way out of the teleporter. He's also never been the most observant person.


The main people of interest here I think are TONY STARK, LOKI, and BATMAN, who are all characters he's met in Cape and Cowl

He knows that Tony Stark builds powered armor and is a douche who punched him once and that since this was 616 Tony that one of his powered armors had a disturbing crush on him once and it was awkward

The last Loki he knew had magnificent tits as he was also Marvel 616 and tried to teach him magic once, and it failed spectacularly.

He knows that a lot of people think Batman is scary as fuck and not to be messed with. That's about it.

If any of that is NOT OKAY, let me know.

*edit* HURR RIGHt

If you want to PLOT WITH MEH, I haz a Plurk over at lucid_seraph, and my AIM is Failscream (appropriately)
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SUP GUYS I'M BACK yes this is Lavvy who else plays spacedouches. Apparently it is my quest in life to claim all of sing's Jack Noir character slots at least once, so here I am again, apping a Jack Noir to torment you all with again, this time of the CR AU variety! Like Terezi and Justin Law he is hailing from [community profile] a_facility. I HAVE MISSED YOU ALL SO MUCH PLZ COME INTO MY BOSOM AND NEVER LEAVE :I

Being a CR AU and all, however, Jack here is pretty different from the canon version! So if you're expecting all stabs and murder all the time, I'm sorry to say you'll be disappointed. He is only stabs and murder some of the time, which is sometimes most of the time, depending on your chosen timeframe. Basically he's less of a douche because people get kinda mad when you stab them all the time, and not pissing off a hundred or so people with your powers dampened is a good plan.

CARRIED OVER CR: Crosscanon-wise, the only character I can find that he knows fairly well is Roxas, so... yeah. He knows who you are. It's not an especially strong relationship though so if you don't want him to remember Roxas feel free to let me know? Otherwise he will just be a bit friendlier to the kid and kinda sad he's not the one that remembers him.

Hatstack-wise, he's way closer to the kids, as 3/4 of them were totally his best bros through many shenanigans (Rose is spared his friendstalking for now). He will be super protective of all of them even if he doesn't always act like it and probably try desperately to make them like him. The trolls are more on neutral terms but yeah. He will be sad when everyone hates him again oh no. Are your bodies prepared for Jack Noir being sad at you??? I hope so.

OTHER THINGS: Permissions post for his bullshit spacepowers, which basically let him stalk people and maybe steal shiny things from them as long as they're in the same zone. ESPECIALLY if your character has any powers that would counter his spaceshit, please fill it out!

My AIM is blueflewqueen and my plurk is [plurk.com profile] BlueFlewFedUQueen, feel free to bother/add/re-add me as you please <3


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