31 May 2012

Drop :(

31 May 2012 09:24 am
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Well, guys, it's come down to this. Recently Mr. Ceto here has left me at an impasse. With his CR either disappearing or going-to-disappear-soon, I've realized I only have three options with him: keep him and let him become an even more unpleasant, miserable drunk, reboot him entirely, or drop him. I've decided to drop him and thus the game.

It's been amazing to play here for the past year, and I love all of you. Thank you so much for indulging me and my silly dragon mobster. I'm sad to go, but it's really for the best. I'm going to be focusing on my novel next month for Camp NaNo, so I sadly wouldn't have much time for RP anyway.

I may be back with another character later, but I can't promise anything. Again, you guys have been fantastic to play with and I'll miss all of you.
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I'm back from hiatus, and you're free get in touch with me for mod stuff again. Sorry that took longer than anticipated, but sometimes I think you need a vacation to recover from your vacation.

Also Emma is canon-updated to Death of Cap and has been spat back out of the teleporters. I'll be working through my tag backlog today. If I'm holding you up somewhere in particular, please let me know so I can put priority on your thread.
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Remember how I dehiatused earlier this month? Yeah, uh, let's pretend that didn't happen. I'm going to be gone until at least the middle of June. Sorry about this.


31 May 2012 07:40 pm
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This kind of came out of nowhere, and I wasn't going to make a whole OOC post since I haven't been here long, but I wanted to give some of my castmates a proper thanks for accommodating me (especially to Vriska-mun and Rose-mun). So, thanks.

Anyway, this is Poptart with OU John bowing out of the game.
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My activity has been pretty shit lately, and before it gets shittier, I'm tossing the TARDIS into the teleporters for a hiatus. I'm looking at coming back around mid-June. I'll still be backtagging what I've all ready tossed her at, but if possible I'd like to just assume she disappeared sometime during the zombie plot.

Back soonish peeps.


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