30 May 2012

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So I'm putting Skyfire here on a hiatus. Not sure how long but he's been difficult to play lately and I think I need a break.

Godmode rights go to Alba, Corny, Vic and Pen.
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Here is a return from hiatus, and an announcement of a canon update! While Jade was busy being sucked into a teleporter, she actually returned home for a slight canon update...

Well. Slight meaning she went away from Singularity to spend an entire year on a boat with John and Davesprite. She's now become a master at Ghostbusters: The MMORPG (not really), has had way too much cake, and had serious discussions with John about feelings! She is now from the ending of A6I2.

I'll have her return post up in a moment; the teleporters are claiming her robot arm and replacing her missing eye, so goodbye transhuman status. She'll have two, fully functional human arms.
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Adding to the drop train a drop I've been putting off for far too long. I had a blast playing Rapunzel, but the past several months my motivation to play her has waned, and really this isn't the best game to play an idealistic character who I don't actually have the heart to horribly corrupt.

I need to apologize to everyone who has tagged her and been awesome, and only received my half-hearted attempts to get her activity up, because I was genuinely excited about a lot of the CR she was developing, it's just gotten really hard for me to get the energy up for the character.

I'll still be around with Kaidan and Bethany, of course. Both of them I'm much more okay with traumatizing.


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