22 May 2012

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 HEY EVERYONE!!! This is Madi/Oliver/whatever you call me, your resident Harry Lockhart player, here with a brand spankin' new character: Agent York from Red vs Blue! Except this is an AU York. Aside from some deviation from canon plot at some points (which are detailed here if you're curious), this York is also a woman! So I expect she will be pretty confused when everyone starts insisting she's actually a dude. This York comes without her own Delta (he's been removed in her AU), from while she's still in Project Freelancer, and yeah, she's got the pretty noticeable bad eye, too. I'm using Cobie Smulders as her PB, too, so if anyone from MCU wants to instigate facetwin shenanigans, there's always that too.

Anyway as always I am reachable on both AIM and plurk at runawayballista (plurk is preferable though), so if you want to plot or whatever just hit me up! :D
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I know not everyone does the plurk thing, so I thought I'd put this in the OOC comm.

The X-Men have a lot of contingency plans for getting rid of giant robots. A lot. There are also, at last count, four EM manipulating mutants on the station.

However, sticking to your own canon defeats the point of pandfandom RP, so is there any interest out there in being rescued and/or awesome team-up splash pages? Danzy, what about that response team idea Billy was floating?

DISCUSS IN COMMENTS if you'd like.
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As of this post Nemvoy will be reverting to his Nemesis Prime mindset. Which means we all can stop being confused in tags with his name is it Nemesis is it Convoy what the hell is Nemvoy oh wait a fusion of the two. Long story short, he is now a Killing Machine dedicated to bringing about the End of All Things in service to his Master, Unicron. (Yes, the one whose blood Dark Energon is. FUNNY COINCIDENCE.)

He will be starting with Sacrosanct.

Naturally, I don't expect everyone to accept this. Which is where plotting comes in, and I want to get involved with as many of you as I possibly can.

So all of you - yes, you too - come in here. )


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