19 May 2012

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For about several months now, Soundwave has been gathering information and parts to build a space bridge. With the help of several other mechs (Shockwave, Deadlock, Soundwave, Knock out, Breakdown), he's finally succeeded in completing it. In Prime canon, malfunctions can cause space bridges-- and ground bridges --to create time/space dimensional rips. Soundwave abused this apparent malfunction to create a dimensional portal, using his own as the test subject.

And that's where it goes all horribly wrong.

As of the 21st (aka Monday), he activates the space bridge and finds while successful in creating a dimensional portal, it was nowhere near the time span or location he wanted. In such, he pinpoints a time in which his Cybertron had been recently infected with Dark Energon and unleashes the walking dead on Sacrosact.

TL;DR: GIANT ROBOT ZOMBIES. With handy visual reference!

And now I'll teach you about Dark Energon and terrorcons )

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. Taking advantage of his screw up, Soundwave just kinda rolls with the hit and decides to wing it. A giant mechanical undead army can work in his favor and all, so the mech is gonna attempt to use them for conquest in Megatron's name. Won't he be pleased! Don't get him wrong, he's less interested in conquering the residents as he is with conquering Sacrosanct, killing Hypatia, and seizing the planet below. If he has to kill anyone, well, acceptable losses and all.

The event is going to last a week, so that's the 21st-27th. Zones that will be affected are Garden Zone 03, Residential Zone 02, and Residential Zone 03. It can spread to other zones depending, but that'll be where the zombies are.


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