17 May 2012

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This is Danzy crawling out from under my rock to bring to light two things!

Thing #1: Loki and Thor/[personal profile] thundering are now canon-bumped up to somewhere in the middle of the Avengers. This means they're walking spoilers for the movie, for those who haven't seen it. I'll personally try to avoid giving spoilers the best I can when/if I tag into posts, and his first few posts will be marked for the same, but if anyone would prefer not to be tagged yet, don't hesitate to let me know. The same also goes for Ammay's Thor, I believe. :D

Thing #2: I also play Billy Kaplan/[personal profile] assguardian, and thanks to his most recent post I was wondering if anyone would be cool with helping make the response team an official game thing? Er, an actual in-game thing, kind of like what the hostel is. I'd like to work out the logistics of it with someone before submitting it all to the mods for approval, especially since it might mean getting a player-run medical facility that people can use for CR and plot stuffs, and personally I feel I'm not qualified to handle something like a formal team thing on my own.

So yes hi, toodles for now guys. |D
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Hello, Sing! I'm Mana, and I'm bringing in a CR AU version of Jade Harley from Homestuck! She's from [community profile] route_29 and she's a Pokémon Trainer! After spending roughly a year and a half in Johto, a place like Sing is... gonna take some getting used to.

(She's also going to be wondering where the last two weeks went.)

Also, since she is a CR AU, she might know some of your characters! Since I know not everyone may be cool with Jade knowing their character, I've set up a CR permissions post! There's also a link to the CR chart itself in there so you can check to see if Jade would know them or not. If anyone's curious about what's different about this version of Jade, her app is over here!

I've also got a text permissions post up, since I know not everyone is a fan of the colorful Courier Homestuck characters use. She doesn't use text as much as she used to, but it's still a thing... and I can see why people might not appreciate the blinding lime green.

Anyway, I'm really excited to play here! If anyone needs or wants to get a hold of me, my AIM is kismesissitude (this is private, though, so I'll need to add you before you can send me IMs!) and my Plurk is [plurk.com profile] cautionings.
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Right. Hi. I'm really new to this game and super excited to be here!! Was most poetically enabled by the Tony player to give things a shot, and I'm liking everything so far even if I haven't actually done anything yet. OKAY.

I'm Dai, nice to meet you! I'll be joining the MCU cast with Pepper here. She's canon and mostly post-Avengers, so I will be doing my best not to spoil anyone. But it might happen. If you really don't want to be, please just drop me a PM or something. We can work it out :D

My contact page is here, but I'm mostly found on Plurk these days. Feel free to add me there too.

I look forward to all the fun things with everyone! ♥


17 May 2012 06:02 pm
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HI Pura here bringing in her second character, Garfield 'Beast Boy' Logan, from Teen Titans the animated series! He's a tiny 15 year old animal shapeshifter who likes to fight crime, play video games and elaborate pranks and eat tofu and will most likely want to be YOUR FRIEND. No seriously he's super adorable you cannot resist him. He also won't know any of you DC people trying to call him Garfield, since he pretty much exclusively goes by his codename in the show :3

He's coming in straight from the end of the TV show and is going to be really annoyed he didn't get ONE DAY OFF before being thrown into this cluster f.

ANYWAY as ever, i'm reachable on [plurk.com profile] purapea at plurk or PuraTigerz on aim for plotting (WHICH I LOVE) and I'll be introing him at some point this evening :3


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Hey all -

So. I've been experiencing some really frustrating shoulder pain for the last few days and it's not going away. I've been useless at tagging for days, so I'm going to have to officially back off of tagging for at least a week. Then the next week will be taken up by shenanigans of the family sort.

Right after that, I will be heading down to Wilmington, NC for a week to stalk Iron Man 3 production relentlessly enjoy the beach and be Not At Work. Well, I will be keeping an eye out in case we can catch them filming something because Mom also likes the idea of stalking RDJ.

This basically adds up to a hiatus from now until I get home on June 9th.

In the meantime, Betty Ross ([personal profile] itsokay) will be on autopilot in Avengerhaus. No disappearing here.

Ro Rowen ([personal profile] thecarisboring), however, is going to be teleporter-napped for that time period.

See you all next month!


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