16 May 2012

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Hey guys, Pen here. This probably won't come as much of a surprise. It's been over a year and I've had a lot of fun with him, but in the past few months I just have completely lost Gamzee's voice. I've felt bad for a month now because it's felt like I've been character squatting. So I think it's time to just fish or cut bait--and say that my time with Gamzee is over.

I had shitloads of fun playing him though, guys. To the Homestuck cast, thanks so much for being so welcoming and awesome and putting up with the resident stoner troll :o)

Gamzee will be leaving most of his things to Eridan, and will also be leaving a single horn and a single pie for everyone he knows. So pretty much if you've ever spoken to Gamzee, you're getting a pie and a horn lol.

As for Harry the bear...one of two things can happen. He can either vanish, disappear off into the wilderness, never to be seen again, except sometimes at the corner of your vision, or in the occasional sopor slime-stained pawprints...or he can go over to Karkat.


Thanks for having me, guys :) It's been awesome.

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It's an open secret that Miranda is a kind of a huge creeper.

The long and short of it is that Miranda is a properly paranoid sort of person that likes to watch keep an eye on anything, or anyone, that she feels the slightest bit threatened by. Or possible as some sort of (completely professional) interest in. Obviously she can't just go around planting cameras or keeping records on everyone without OOC permission. So, for the interested, I'm detailing some of what Miranda exactly does to keep tabs on others.

Miranda recently came into possession of some tracking devices of her own design. Their made with a bio-synthetic material and the jist of it is,
    Tracers are small, pin-sized discs that can stick on most surfaces that inject small, bio-tech microbes through the skin without punctuating it and then falling off without much notice. Once injected Miranda can trace just about anything from her omni-tool or bracelet until either her selected target is forgotten, or the bio-tech in their system degrades after a few weeks. One obvious hindrance is she actually has to get close enough to someone in person to do this, and that this is a totally a one at a time deal. Tagging the entire station would be a huge waste of time and effort. Their main purpose is to give Miranda a real-time record of people's whereabouts and so forth, and really aren't that complicated.

I'd like to know if there is anyone not okay (or totally down for) with the idea of Miranda poking them and watching from the ceiling 24-7. It's entirely up to the player on the receiving end whether or not Miranda can do anything to them in the event they run into one another.

Also, it should be mentioned that she keeps as updated as possible "dossiers" on as many people as she can. If you aren't comfy with the idea of Miranda passing along any information, or observations she makes about other characters over the network then I will bow out of doing so.

I can answer any questions or concerns about her creepiness here, as well.


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