14 May 2012

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Hey there! So um. A few days turned into a few weeks, on account of work also piling up. But the computer should be pretty decent right now and the workload's been slowing for this week and next.

now who wants a piece of this kittyface?
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with the arrival of the avengers movie, i've decided to canon update natasha to the end of the movie! just giving everyone a heads up. i would like to know how everyone felt about a spoilers opt-out post, which i'd throw up on nat's journal and you guys could put hands on it and let me know whether or not you've seen the movie/want spoilers. yes/no/get out eppy?

anyway, i'm going to post this either later today or tomorrow depending on my work schedule. all spoilers are going to be clearly marked, either in cuttext or in subject lines, and hopefully as easy to avoid as possible.

anyway hi sing what's shaking.
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Took longer than I would have liked, but I'm going to try to go ahead and slide back on into the game. If there's anything Wash should know about, let me know; he's been holed up for a month or so and staying out of things. I did drop outstanding threads, so if there's anything that needs to be handwaved, let me know - just shoot a private plurk to [plurk.com profile] palazzo. Just a note that I may still be slow overall, but I'll try not to fall behind.
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This is Alex, posting up a hiatus notice for Roy! Unfortunately, her wrists are trying hard to give up the ghost and she's taking a step back from the computer to get them better. Her goal is to be back around May 21st, but until then? Minimal tags, if any, from her hand.

This impacts Aisha, Terry (Batman), and Pietro! It could impact someone else, but Alex is blanking right now.
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Hey, guys! Hiku here!

I have finally figured I should call a slowaitus. While everyone tagging with me won't be surprised, I'm just going to pop a post up here, on the off chance anyone wanted me anywhere.

For the next week or so, in an effort to catch up with my suddenly increased workload, I'm going to be effectively MIA. I'll be trying to tag all of the threads I already owe tags in, but I won't be able to tag into much else.

If someone really wants/needs my characters somewhere, though, please let me know here, in private message, or on plurk @ [plurk.com profile] hikuswing. When I finally get all these assignments under control, I'll be more than happy to tag everything I can.

This affects [personal profile] cmdr_renegade, [personal profile] dug_the_dog, and [profile] ba_dum_chhh.


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