9 May 2012

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Dash here! Otherwise known as the Fenris and Alan Bradley player, and that mod. I come bearing the fruit of Bioware's artistic integri- oh I can't even type it. Anyway, here is none other than Mass Effect's MIRANDA LAWSON because she's cool, right? For those not in "the know" Miranda is basically a sci-fi Red Mage and her canon's designated Ice Queen and femme fatale.

Like Black Widow if she could kill things with her mind.

Because Mass Effect canon is mutable and heavy on player decision, I feel it's important to note some of the highlights of Miranda's canon to avoid any OOC confusion.

○ Her Shepard is much like [personal profile] cmdr_renegade only falling into the Paragon morality sect, but definitely female.

○ Miranda is incredibly loyal to her Shepard.

○ Miranda hails from a time after the events of Mass Effect 2 (Collector base destroyed, everyone survived) but before Mass Effect 3 kicks off. From her perspective, Shepard is under house arrest in Vancouver under the watchful eye of Alliance HQ.

○ She tried breaking in to see her once, or twice. Because of reasons.

○ Ashley Williams is alive! I know, weird, right?

○ Miranda is being hunted by Ceberus and no longer affiliates with them. Her opinion of Cerberus is soured, and she won't take kindly to contrary assumptions.

Player contacts: PLURK [plurk.com profile] rantler and AIM electricbeararms
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Hi, my name is Poptart (some of you might know me as the old Joan?) and I'm bringing in.... another John Egbert from Homestuck. orz Impulse apps, man. Don't worry, I'm not usually flaky. (I asked Aaron first I hope I'm not stepping on any toes...?)

Oh, okay, this John is 14 years old because he's from the one year time skip! That means he would be WORRIED because oh no he left jade alone but also eventually glad because a lot of his friends are here, yeah!!

My AIM's Kuroupouri if you want to plot with me and shit. If you don't see me around, feel free to PM me or something.


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