7 May 2012

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Right, so I'm about to pass out and possibly fail a linguistics final in seven hours, but figured I'd introduce myself first. I'm Jansen, with a Tony who's personal timeline atm looks a bit like

Iron Man → Iron Man 2 → Sweven → The Avengers → Singularity.

So he's a little. ...~~~~~, about things. But I'm thrilled to be here - this looks like an awesome game so far. Hopefully I'll have my second one in tomorrow afternoon and you'll see him shortly as well.

Contacts: [plurk.com profile] midcirclenine, AIM: ga11imaufry, and email: jamiemckrimmon [at] gmail

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So I made all these RP plans, and then I kind of disappeared off the face of the Earth for a couple weeks. That was not intentional and I'm so sorry for all the threads I dropped. I'm back but will be slow as I try to catch up and backtag. If I owe you tags and you want me to pick up, please let me know? Should be back to normal-ish activity by the 14th after Mother's Day.

Sorry for disappearing, all. This affects Betty Ross and Ro Rowen.


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