3 May 2012


3 May 2012 01:31 pm
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Sorry guys, but I've gotta drop Sing. It's been too long and Jane's out of the loop, and I feel bad just sitting on her. It was fun while it lasted though, and I'm sure I'll see some of you around Plurk and other games and stuff!
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Apparently, muns named Red are not comfortable somewhere until one of their characters is of the large, alien, metal variety. So, without further ado...

Hello ladies gentlemen.
Look at your car, now back to me. Now back at your car.
Now back to me.

Sadly, it isn't me.
But if your car was a narcssistic alien robot from the planet Cybertron...
It still wouldn't be me.

Yes, this is Sideswipe, from the Transformers movies. He's from the middle of Dark of the Moon, right before I ragequit the movie all the bad shit goes down. He is completely insufferable, self-centered, and has wheels for feet.

PS. This is Red, who also plays Garrus Vakarian, and I can be found on AIM @ thisismyomnitool the end.
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This is Sarah, resident player of Samus Aran bringing in a well-known video game female prota-gone-ist whose gone through many changes and different hands throughout the years but has stayed distinctly the heroine we all know and love barring one terrible game.


Yes you may be sensing a trend here. Quiet, you.

Anyway, this is Lara Croft of Tomb Raider fame joining the ranks of the Sacrosanct victims. She's stubborn, ornery, and otherwise not a good person to get in the way of. But she also loves learning about other cultures and histories, so all these species = NEW THINGS TO LEARN. She may be overly nosy.

Can't wait to play with you all! Now off to work ... then I will post on the network.
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It's become really clear that I cannot focus on two games right now as I've got too much stuff going on in real life. It doesn't help that I've pretty much lost interest in playing him in this setting even though one of my biggest reasons for joining was taking advantage of being able to play an AU (and a CR AU no less).

Maybe when there's less on my plate I'll come back with either him or a different character. For now, he'll be going home and be reconnected with DDD.
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I bet you woke up this morning and said 'you know what this place is missing? A space whore and an ordinary'. I'm Kristi and I'm here to fill that niche. I'm bringing you Inara Serra from the series Firefly (technically from very early in the Serenity movie while Inara was still at the guild house) and Doctor John Watson from BBC's series Sherlock. He is coming from post S2 finale. They've both got a bit of CR from another game that recently closed coming with them and those details can be found in their journals. The biggest change you'll notice in regards to that is John has dealt with and knows about the events of the S2 finale.

If you need to contact me with any questions, ideas or just to say hi my aim is rageiscute, my email is rageiscute@gmail.com and my plurk is rageblackouts I'm really excited to be here and I can't wait to play with you all.


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