28 Apr 2012

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Alright, so you know when you have a really cool idea for a character, and you’ve already planned out posts, and it’s just going to be the most awesome thing ever? And then you do a post and stare at the responses like “what. what. what. what. what the fuck am I doing with my life?” Then you suddenly realize that all the card games and shit you know isn’t actually gambling, and the only gambling game you learned was in a German bar and you were too drunk to remember the rules? Then you continue to stare at tags thinking “maybe we could play yugioh or pokemon........” And then you realize that’s stupid, and that you had an unspoken rule of one character per game for a reason.

Yeah. .............. So, uh, sorry guys. I’m dropping Luxord. I had more fun doing the application than anything else, whoops. Ahahahahahahawowthisisawkward.
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After discussing the applications and carefully weighing each applicant's choice of bear, we've picked the new members of the Singularity staff:

Please welcome Kari and Alex to the app team, and Liana as our plot/world helper.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered. We got in more good applications than we had staff positions to fill, and we really appreciate having engaged players who are willing to pitch in to keep the game on an even keel.

Everybody have a slice of the grocery store sheet cake and then get back to work.


28 Apr 2012 11:37 pm
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Came home to two bluescreens back to back. Super-de-duper.

Hiatus while I go and beat technology with a nailbat!


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