24 Apr 2012

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...well, not really. Work has been swallowing my soul but I have a day off coming up *____*


This is Jamie, sometimes known as the player of Adam Jensen from Deus Ex: HR, and I have a new boy to throw at you all! His name is Kurt, and he's technically an OC, although in reality he's a tabletop RPG character from an old, old game called Deadlands. Think of Deadlands as the Wild West with zombies and magic.

...because it really IS the Wild West with zombies and magic. And mad scientists and shamans and priests who work ~*~MIRACLES~*~ and all that jazz. Kurt himself is an undead (Harrowed) gambling magician (huckster) and he's also kind of an asshole. And I really mean that. He's an undead magic-using douchebag.

I look forward to pissing your characters off with him. :Db
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Just bumping the app team and plot helper recruiting post. We're going to close it up tomorrow night, so if you weren't sure about applying, you've still got a bit more than a day to decide.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled robo-paranoia, romantic mishaps, and heavy drinking.
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Yep, it's about time I did this for my sanity. It turns out that in addition to the three essays totaling 30 pages I have to do in the next few weeks, I also have to do two take-home finals totaling three more essays. This is on top of the several hundred pages of reading I have to do still in the semester and the few hundred more I am expected to do in research. Graduating college is hard, you guys. So I am declaring emergency hiatus, effective immediately, for about a month. I may be back around May 18-20th, but just to be safe I have it extended to the 24th.

This affects Sollux Captor of the OU variety. He will be on autopilot, making a bunch of handy dandy devices for all you rebellious souls, such as a disruptor for Hypatia's little eyes and ears and a subnet with sufficient security to keep out of her reach. Feel free to assume he is becoming an unwashed obsessive nerdling. He may get eaten by teleporters at some point. In the meantime, godmode rights go to Aradia and OU Karkat.

See you cats on the flipside. /ollies outtie
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"There's nothing to fear, but fear itself."


Many of you may be familiar with Scarecrow, one of the most famous amongst Batman's villains. If not, well, here's a brief recap: Scarecrow is a madman obsessed with learning and exploiting the fears of others. Primarily he does this with use of his infamous fear gas, a substance that causes a person to hallucinate a realistic scenario of their worst fears. The world around you seems to form into your worst nightmare, mutating to accustom your discomforts and frighten you.

So guess what's going to happen? Yeah, the Rift is going to drop in a few canisters of fear gas. It doesn't stop there, of course. The Joker is going to be delighted that Doctor Crane's gas has arrived and is more than happy to share his excitement with the entire station! So much so that he's going to share it with everyone by dumping the stuff into the vents. Have fun breathing that in! Which also means you get to face your worst fears.

Bear in mind that the hallucinations are hyper realistic and takes the will of a Batman to fight off. Some people can -- after experiencing those discomforting fears. And they may come back, because that gas is pouring on in for a few days.

Some key notes:
- The event will begin on Apirl 27th and it will end on May 4th.
- If you need a good example of how the fear gas will affect your character, here's a good example of the gas affecting Batman in one of the games, Arkham Asylum.
- If you want a synthetic character affected, we can push to say that the gas has evolved from the Rift somehow and has micro-nanites that can act as a temporary virus to affect the processor.
- When the event ends, it can be due to one of two factors: (A) Someone is able to set up a cure for the gas somehow and spreads it through the vents, or (B) Hypatia flushes the vents clean.

I think that about covers it! If you guys have any questions, please ask 'em here.


24 Apr 2012 11:28 pm
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Hey guys, Pura here! Just a quickie to let you know i'm going to be tagging a lot slower than usual because I'm currently at my parent's house and usually being here makes it hard to tag. So I'm gonna go ahead and instigate a slowatus whilst I'm here. Gonna try and do tags in the evenings, but unfortunately I'm not going to be as attentive as usual. I'm going to try and start a Young Avengers/Runaways party log at some point this week though! Sorry!

This just affects Tommy here.



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