23 Apr 2012

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The short version: Just a heads up that I'm going to be scarce/slow for the next few months, off and on. If you need me for anything specific I can be reached on my Plurk fairly easily.

This only affects Mr. Ceto here.

The long version. )
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Yeah, so I should have done this probably like two weeks ago BUT ANYWAY.

Given that I'm working as near overtime as work will let me get, plus getting ready for graduation next month, I'm pretty much braindead for anything even remotely resembling activity for oh... about the next month.

And I'm going to ACen this weekend HELL YES. (Anyone else going? I'll be wearing this. And also my Jack Harkness costume. But not at the same time. Though that could be funny.)

So I definitely won't be around from about Thurs-Mon this weekend, and super-slow until about the 18th of May until finals are done and I am FREE.

And then I'll probably be taking a second job and being a Responsible Adult but WE WON'T TALK ABOUT THAT YET NOW WILL WE.


23 Apr 2012 09:19 pm
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--but not completely from the game, just Cloudo here.

I've... been struggling with the FFVII fandom/canon for a long time now. Maybe even a couple years. And as much as I enjoy bouncing the kid off people, he's just been very difficult to keep up lately. I'll still be around with Ratchet [personal profile] guardiano_perduto, but for now, Cloud's exiting airlock left.
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Calling my Hiatus a little early; I still have packing and other things to do, but suffice it to say that for the next week I will be barely here much because of BotCon. Will be shying away from new threads, will be trying to catch up on old ones.

Affects this guy and also [personal profile] killswithbrooms. I should be back in a week!
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It has been *counts on fingers* just over a year since Flynn hosted a party. So, uh. I'mma do that. Since Teal dropped Alex, the Worst Fears plot is, unfortunately for us character-torturing assholes, no longer happening, so I was thinking either this Friday or next Friday, so people can tag over the weekend. Anyone have a strong preference? I would like to avoid any toe-stepping unless you're into that.

It'll just be a standard buffet-and-music thing, and Clu hasn't been acting out as much lately, so someone else is going to have to throw the furniture in the pool. (Tronhaus has a big enough terrace that dragons and giant robutts and whatnot can fit, BTW.)

ETA: I have just been reminded Avengers opens the weekend after next. PARTY THIS WEEKEND, U GUISE.

ETA2: TRON CAN'T MAKE IT PARTY'S ON THE 11TH. I am v. decisive.


23 Apr 2012 11:24 pm
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Yeah, same.

Suddenly, finals! Suddenly, move-out day and all that awesome college stuff. So, yeah, I'll be around and still tagging, just. You know. Slow. Er. And all those good times.

Kimber will be back to annoying you in full force on May 1st! ♥
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YUP.... That's pretty much all I got. 8c I'll be going through tags some time this week and tagging back the ones that seem most imperative, so if you haven't gotten something from me by Saturday on a thread you'd like to continue, don't hesitate to let me know. I might be slow, but I'll get to it, I promise.

EDIT: This is for Cap and Murphy :U


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