21 Apr 2012

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Activity Check for April has finished!


The following is a list of characters unaccounted for on the AC, Hiatus, or check-in posts:

Lt Matthew Scott | [personal profile] cloverdaleboy
Robert Cross | [personal profile] infect
Franklin Donut (AU) [personal profile] intercept
Metal Sonic [personal profile] beattheoriginal
Jo Harvelle | [personal profile] harvelle
Max Guevara | [personal profile] revvedup
Dirge | [personal profile] dirge
Teddy Altman | [personal profile] nogammarays
Forte/Bass | [personal profile] plays_it_loud
Emil Blonsky | [personal profile] punchingplz
PFC Dick Simmons | [personal profile] andjane
Gale Hawthorne | [personal profile] comingtothetree
Nathan Young | [personal profile] grannyfucker
Protoman | [personal profile] hopediesalone

For this AC round, and this round only, if your character(s) appear on this list and you are demonstrably still active in the game, you may contact a mod to be readmitted to the communities. In future AC rounds, you must comment to the AC post, be on an announced hiatus (that is, a comment to the Hiatus post), or otherwise have contacted the mods about your situation to remain in the game. If not, you will have to re-app.

To be alerted when an AC post goes up, click the "Track This" link on this entry, which is a yellow bell icon in the default DW style, then choose "!activity check" from the dropdown menu under "Track Entries to This Journal."


After considering your suggestions, we have decided on the new AC standards.

They're not much different from the old AC standards.

From now on, Singularity will be requiring two pieces of activity over a two-month period, where a "piece of activity" is the same as it was before:

• a [community profile] singularityrpg post with your comments
• 15 comments in someone else's [community profile] singularityrpg post, either network replies or an action log
• 5 comments in a [community profile] singularitylogs post

As before, you can provide multiple threads that add up to 15 comments to count for the [community profile] singularityrpg requirement, but if you're going to submit a [community profile] singularitylogs post, all 5 comments need to be in the same thread. You can provide any combination of requirements, including a single [community profile] singularityrpg thread with 30 of your comments, or a [community profile] singularitylogs thread with 10, and it's fine if both pieces of activity are from the same month.

tl;dr AC is 2x what it used to be

The next Activity Check will be June 1-7, and activity from April 10-June 7 will count.

Bookkeeping note from Carolyn: I noticed a few discrepancies between the Taken list and the characters who are accounted for on AC or accepted in April, so if everyone could check and make sure their characters are listed there, I'd appreciate it. If they're not, just fill out the form and they'll be added. Thanks!
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I just don't really have the motivation to do RP anymore; there's so much else in my life going on that I have to take care of and do. Don't get me wrong! Life is actually pretty good... it's also just busy, and time-consuming, and not an environment in which I feel like I can devote to RP.

I'm REALLY REALLY SORRY about dropping without finishing up the Worst Fears plot I had planned :( I know you guys were looking forward to that, but I don't have the motivation or patience to follow through with it, and that's just not fair to anyone.

UHHH Raimi Matthews, Jin Tian, and Poniko get dibs on Alex's stuff. It's 90% books.


You are welcome to defriend me on Plurk or whatever but I'd be sad and please let me know if you are so I can defriend you back (I NEVER defriend people on Plurk, because I'm actually too lazy to do so) Also I like you guys :V

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To whoever just bought Molly a paid account, thank you!


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