16 Apr 2012

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Hi! I'm Jen, and I swear I'm not a maniac bring you the vengeful, impatient, loser-kicking, literal-silent-protagonist that is Caim from a somewhat obscure and incredible mindfuck of a game called Drakengard. Some more extensive information is over here, but suffice to say Drakengard is a grimdark medieval/dark age fantasy in which everything that could possibly go wrong has already gone wrong, so they had to toss in some truly bizarre and occasionally impossible things to go wrong too.

As such Caim is technologically illiterate, will probably (quickly!) become super frustrated with all this technology/showing up here/lack of dragon companion/your face, and his inability to talk (which is still fairly new) will compound that. This boy's temper will run high. Until he discovers Ever Breath of Fire MMXIV and disappears for weeks.

Take one long look at this smile, Singularity. You aren't likely to see it ICly.

That said, feel free to hit me up on AIM at redweth, on Caim's HMD, or PM the journal if you have and questions/comments/concerns, if you'd like to get some plottage on, or anything really. I'm very new here and everything is so shiny.
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What's up, internet.

I'm Jeff. And this is Rose Lalonde from Homestuck. This may seem somewhat familiar to you, as I played Rose here for a stretch of time a couple months ago. If you do remember playing with Rose or one of my other characters at some point, guess what, you're directly responsible for me reapping here. If haven't ever played with her, you can bet your ass we're gonna be fixing that at some point in the future.

Basically, you guys rule and so I decided to re-app because of aforementioned ruling.

Rose here is gonna be from "Act 6 Intermission 2", having just spent the first of three years on a FANTASTIC VOYAGE THROUGH SPACE that is so far proving to just be lots of reading surreal-as-hell dream sequences. BUT, that's not the Rose you're gonna be seeing right off the bat - I'm gonna be backdating her to come in during the age swap event, which I unfortunately missed on the first pass, and introing her under the Dark Future AU. She's gonna be pretty much exactly as that description states, but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. In the same vein, here's a link to her application, and HMD/Permissions/Contact post.

As always, if you wanna contact me, you can hit me through these:
AIM: Viewtiful Rekk
Plurk: ViewtifulJeff


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