12 Apr 2012


12 Apr 2012 09:10 am
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Hey guys! Calling a hiatus until monday evening! I'm off to a convention and won't have time to work on tags until I get back!

I will do all the tagging when I return! ♥
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HMD and CR with Me are both still running. You're not late, and if you were early, drop in and check out some of the new posts! Let's make it so a CR diagram from this game would be so complicated it would look like someone just scribbled all over the paper.
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Hello Singularity, my name is Lady, and I bringing in 4 from the movie 9! This seven-inch-tall fellow is extremely curious but unfortunately mute. Not that that ever stops him from finding a way to get his thoughts across of course!

4 comes from a world set in the 1930's that has been totally destroyed, all life on earth being wiped out because of a war. The last living things he ever seen died not long afterwards, so he'll be totally excited to meet everyone and omg plants and trees are the most amazing gifts from god ever. He won't be too delighted to see robots though... since machines are a large part of why humans are extinct and why half his family is dead :V

Anyway, I can't wait to get started! My AIM: is ninatwl and my plurk is [plurk.com profile] lady47. Feel free to add me! I tend to plurk a lot about Transformers though... just a warning :3

Can't wait to get started o/


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