4 Apr 2012

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SUP FOLKS I'm new! My name is Oliver (or Madi, you can call me either, I do not have a preference) and I am here to bring you Harry Lockhart, a snark-flinging, unfathomably incompetent petty thief-turned-actor-turned-private detective, from the movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I look forward to playing with all of you C:

I can be reached on aim at runawayballista (which is also my plurk & tumblr username and also my username for practically everything?) if you want to chat it up or wevs. I'm excited :D
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I was planning on posting this yesterday because that’s when all the cool people were born (Jan Sterling, Leslie Howard, Marlon Brando, Jane Goodall) but I was in my own little world of crunk listening to Daisy Dukes by 69 Boyz so I couldn’t be bothered.

Anyway, hello Sing! My name is Ida, and I’m a broke ass college kid. (And by broke I mean MC Hammer, Microwavable Top Ramen-eating broke). I come bearing a Latina convict by the name of Michiko Malandro from the show Michiko to Hatchin: which is basically a whirlwind of police chases, lawless adventures, and emotional ups and downs in search of one asswipe mysterious, alluring man.

You can always contact me through PM, but you are definitely free to add me both on AIM (idahna) and plurk. I am THAT DIVERSE with usernames.

And remember folks: Normal is nothing more than a cycle on a washing machine.
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I'm still Surge and have not, fortunately, been replaced by a pod person. Aliens could not replicate these dashing roguish good looks. Har har har!


I'm bringing in Eve from the hit (?) indie (probably) game The Binding of Isaac, which is all about a naked kid running around his basement full of monsters and shooting his tears at things to kill and destroy them while he tries to escape his mom who wants to kill him because a voice from above told her to. Also there are power-ups and religious allegories because, c'mon, when isn't there religious allegories? Never, pretty much.

Eve is an from AU where she's the main character instead of Isaac. The story is much the same except she is also cursed to turn into the Whore of Babylon which is some kind of demon thing and BLAH BLAH BLAH IT IS ALL IN THE APP.

Back to your regularly scheduled clusterfuck, yeah?


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