27 Mar 2012

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Wicke's SLOWATUS evolved into... HIATUS!

Most of yall know from plurk that I've got some heavy duty health stuff coming up tomorrow. Let's just say I'll be in outer space riding a drunk rhino. Yep.

This affects solely Marian Hawke, this journal.

What this means is I won't be starting new threads, and when I'm able, I'll continue the ones I have going in-game and in various memes. <3 Adieu for now!

beep b00p

27 Mar 2012 01:24 am
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ah oh right I should probably make a post about this!

just letting castmates/CR/anyone interested know that Aradia now a tin can again. and by that I mean she is Aradiabot once more via death/regeneration fuck up. after pushing her powers to the limit during the temporal imbalance part of the rift event, she died and has been brought back in the robot body she received from Hypatia on Christmas. her robot body, for anyone unfamiliar, basically looks identical to her normal body, just... in metal (art by rumminov!). it's a pretty perfect replica.

what this means is that while she will retain all of her memories of having come back to life/hit god tier/all of her experiences in Sing, she'll get all the emotional stuntedness that comes with her robo-body, meaning that her personality's going to take a turn for the colder for a while. fortunately she no longer believes that she and everyone she knows are doomed, so at least she won't be too depressing.

she's probably going to remain like this for a bit, until she'll eventually explode and get her old body back. but for now, she is everyone's favorite tin can psychopath once more!!
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Man why did it take me so long to post this? I am a fool!

Goodbye is not forever! )
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...because I'm moving to Florida *__*b

Moving should happen early/mid next week, so hopefully I'll be back online by mid April at the latest. I imagine I'll have some free rp-ing time whilst I'm job hunting, bleh.

Jensen is just on autopilot while I'm away, laying low during and after the Rift weirdness. When I get back I'll make a concerted effort to finish up some old threads and work on CR for him.

Stay cool until I get back, Sing.


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