15 Mar 2012

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Hi guys!

The name is Nutmeg, or just Meg, and I'll be bring in Xavin from the Marvel series Runaways, where a bunch of kids runaway after finding out their parents are evil. And then many shenanigans and then Xavin shows up, a skrull looking to find one of the core group members, Karolina, a Majesdanians who is also her fiancée, from a marriage arranged by their parents to ensure Earth's safety against Skrull attacks. IT'S ALL VERY COMPLICATED AND I'M TRYING TO BE CONCISE sob. Anyway, space lesbian aliens happen and then they're back on earth and more things happen and eventually the Majesdanians show up, wanting to take Karolina away to be put on trial for her father's actions and to save Karolina, Xavin shapeshifts into her and takes her place. And that is where I am taking her from.

So yeah, as a skrull, Xavin has the ability to shapeshift so she'll be swapping in and out of a male and female form, and sometimes into a skrull form, depending on the situation and whose around. She also has a temper, and will be probably protective of Molly as she's one of the only other Runaways. Also she... has the tendency to be a little racist/speciest, though she's learning to not. But please, call her on her shit if you will.

Also, as you may notice, I am using she, and not a gender neutral pronoun for Xavin as I feel by around the Majesdanian arc she was starting to identify more closely as a woman. That doesn't mean you have to stick to female pronouns, because honestly they matter little to her.

Anyway! I think that's enough rambling, and yeah if you have any other questions, here's her app, and my plurk is [plurk.com profile] meginatree and so is my aim so feel free to hit me up!

Looking forward to this yes eeeeee
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Alright, since I’m going to be gone so long, and shit is totally goin’ down in Singularity, I think I’m going to move Karkat from autopilot to getting nommed by teleporters. Obviously the best way to explain away his lack of roboconspiracy theories during the last event.

As for an update, it looks like I’ll be back around April 10th, which is a bit longer than when I said I'd be back. I’ve got spotty internet here and there, but not enough to actually do stuff. Love and miss you guys!!


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