9 Mar 2012

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So sing we heard you like space so we put a space in your space so you can space while you space.

Eco reporting in, with... kind of a complete turn-around considering my other guy. This is Ratchet, of Ratchet and Clank, but more specifically A Crack in Time. Why is the game relevent?

Well... because this is a slightly different version of your regular, homegrown Ratchet. Some events happen towards the end of the game, involving time travel, and this is what you would call a 'canon AU'. Ratchet's from a point in canon that happened, but then didn't happen in the true storyline because of a time reversal.

SPOILERS IN WHITE: Basically, he died. Like... horribly. Like 'ripped apart with an electrical blast and plummeting to his doom' horribly.

That said, he's going to be ppppretty messed up upon arrival and is going to need at least someone who can at least hold gauze the right way. I'll pop up a log for anyone interested in a little bit, but don't think this means I'll be abandoning a certain little blonde runt in the meantime. I just needed someone more bold around here haha.
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Hello, Singlings! Aave here, bringing you Tom from Ruby Quest! He's a blue cat man with a MANLY PHYSIQUE, four arms, and a deep love for smashing shit up.

What else do I say here? I dunno, I suck at intros.
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So some of you may have noticed that I've sort of tentatively been tagging back, and whilst I'm not off my slowatus, I'm just posting up in here to let you guys know that Tommy is being canon updated to the end of Children's Crusade issue 9, since that just came out 8) He's going to be pretty all over the place when he gets back since he got ALL OF THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, but once he settles back down he'll be back to himself.

He'll get lost in a teleporter today, and probably wont be back till at least Sunday evening so people can start noticing that he's disappeared.

I'm also posting up for Danzy too, since Billy's getting canon updated as well and will be getting lost along with Tommy. Billy probably wont return for a few more days after Tommy though since Danzy is technically on hiatus, but we couldn't wait to do this herp.

Full information on what's happened to them is over here at their request post if you want to nose, and I'm available on Plurk (purapea) for plotting :D See you all on my return! <3


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