6 Mar 2012

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Hey everyone! Linda (Karkat-mun) here with her second character: Luxord from Kingdom Hearts. He's a Nobody (which means he has no Heart) who enjoys gambling to a ridiculous degree. There is a high probability he will start a Gambling Night.

Unfortunately, still with iffy internet, and we're heading to Muenchen this morning to start our travels. I'll probably intro him sometime in April!
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I am SO sorry... Currently, I've become very busy making stock for a few conventions coming up. ;;;  I'm trying my best to make time to tag but its been super slow going.  :{
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it has become work trips all over the place, once / twice a month. hurff

anyway, for the next few days, I'll be gone again. just wanted to give some heads-up that there'll be no tags coming from me during that time. I'm very sorry for holding up threads. :( I'll pick up everything again when I get back.

see you all on the flipside! affects just this dick here.
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Hey kiddos, Vic here. I've got an important message to pass on to everyone:
Hi Singlings, I'm having Vic proxy-post this for me because I'm kind of on a sabbatical right now. And definitely not playing video games. Promise. Anyway, I'm basically here to announce that I'm resigning from the app team. It's been great helping out around the comm, but between college, retail work and my general poor emotional health, I think it's best for me to quit while the going is good. I'll still be around with Breakdown and Kanaya when I come back from my hiatus on the 18th. Unfortunately, Doc and O'Malley are getting the axe, seeing as I've lost the muse for them. Anyway, that's all that needs to be said. You all have my permission to stop thinking I'm a mod. Have a nice day/night/afternoon, wherever you are. -- Surge

As of now, Surge is no longer a member of the app team. Please feel free to direct your app related questions, comments, and concerns to our remaining staff.


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