5 Mar 2012


5 Mar 2012 10:52 am
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Pat here.

As many of you already know, Mass Effect 3 comes out this week and it will likely consume all of my time not spent at work for a week or so.

As such, I may tag here and there at work, but I'll be relatively scarce during the hours when most of you are active.

That said, I'll likely still do a Deadpool post when the Emile/Thom thread is complete (that should be a lot of fun) and I'll tag into other posts, but I probably won't be my usual punctual self until I get through at least my first run-through.

This affects Beast ([personal profile] starsangarters) and Deadpool ([personal profile] mercwamouth).
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Hello, Singularity!

My name is Funk, and I am fresh meat to your lovely game. I bring with me one Feferi Peixes of that one comic with all the aliens who type in obnoxious colors, Hamshack or Hempsnack or something like that.

If you're not familiar with her, Feferi is the sea-dwelling heiress to their race's imperial line. She's bubbly and excitable and friendly and maybe just a little bit rude and passive-aggressive at times.

Of all the obnoxious typing quirks in Homestuck, Feferi's is T)(-E MOST ANNOYING, so if you'd like me to knock it off in our threads please just say so and I will!

I'm in China right now, so my time zone is all screwed up! I'll probably be introducing her later today, for me - so early morning for everyone else!

I'm REELY REELY glad to be here, guys! Let's glub the glub up.


5 Mar 2012 01:23 pm
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You guys. Being at Singularity has been awesome. I've felt privileged to be able to play with all of you, and so completely thankful that you were willing to put up with Charles' AU. I have been enjoying the RPing I've been doing here fantastically.


A friend of mine just opened a new game, and a game where I'm an NPC player is about to head into major metaplot, and just after I got in here, I netted a full-time job. I can manage three games, especially if the third is slow, but I can't manage four.

I really hope to play somewhere else with you guys in the future.

Again, y'all are awesome and you should keep being awesome, and you can still find me around Einmal, Bete Noire and Outer Divide, but I can't keep up with Sing right now.

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WELL, what with Mass Effect 3 coming out tomorrow and all, some of us are going to be pretty preoccupied. With that, I am announcing a hiatus for Corny and myself.

For Corny's team, that affects Shockwave, Feron, and Abraxas. For me, that's Thane, Mr. Freeze, Alejandro Borges, Soundwave, and AM.

See you all soonish!
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Here, have some mood music, because it is about to get real in the station. It's time for some ...


And what does this mean for you and your characters? Well follow the cut below and you'll see what will happen, when, and what this means for your characters.

Get ready for the corruption )


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