4 Mar 2012

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Yeah, so.

Galen is in seven classes this semester.

Galen is also working.

Galen has no goddamn clue why this seemed like a good idea, as he is regularly going through quasi-panic attacks. This is clearly unhealthy.

Yeah, so, uh. I'm going on hiatus for a bit, until I get my school situation straightened out. I might be able to drop some classes, and that would help out a lot - but until then, I just can't manage to do stuff with Vonnie. Sorry.


4 Mar 2012 08:13 pm
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This has kind of been coming for the last month and it's really time for me to step up and admit it, even though this is really hard because I love the gme and the people here. I haven't really been super active here in a while and I haven't even really looked at the communities since Space Prom. I've had a lot of fun here with everyone and I love all of you dearly, but Singularity isn't the game for me any longer. I wish it wasn't true, but there you are. So, I'll be dropping both Katia Managan and Mordin Solus and bidding Singularity an extremely fond farewell. I'll still be around on plurk for all of you guys if you want to keep in touch.

Have fun and don't let Hypatia get you down. I'll miss you and I love you guys. Maybe if things work out I'll be back sometime.

This effects [personal profile] basileusphobe and [personal profile] modelscientist.

Milo out.
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okay sorry couldn't resist.

Anyway, hello! I'm Alicia, aka that fresh meat girl playing Kimber Benton. From Jem. Yes - that Jem. The same one with the girl Clark Kent-ing it up as that giant pink haired pop star and with the earrings and ridiculous songs and the clothes and the make up and all other kinds of - dare I say it - outrageousness.

okay i'll stop now.

But that's beside the point! The point is that I'm really excited to be here and looking forward to potential shenanigans. It's gonna be some fun stuff! If you need me (for chatting or plotting or yelling, idk), feel free to hit me up on my aim (ghettospellwork), or just go all out and add me on plurk ([plurk.com profile] zombiejosette)~.


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