1 Mar 2012

Pool party

1 Mar 2012 10:14 am
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Emma, being Emma and having nothing better to do with her time, won Cap, Tony, and Thor at the singles auction, with an assist from Deadpool being so awful that Tony was willing to pay for himself rather than be forced by an honor-bound Norse god to hang around with Deadpool for an unspecified length of time. You'd've done the same thing in Tony's position.

Anyway, since she's making a strong effort not to be entirely horrid SEE SHE'S A GOOD GUY NOW, she's letting the boys off light and just having a pool party because it involves men not wearing shirts, and at some point someone will probably push Cap into the water and that will be funny.

Two questions:

1. When can I schedule this so that it won't step on anyone's toes? I was leaning toward the 16th/17th, since it's a weekend and that'll give the new characters from this app round something to dive into see what I did there.

2. What, IC, would get your characters to attend? I know there are some characters who would just sit in their bunkers with their guns and their tinfoil hats for anything short of being dragged places by drones, but what about the relatively sane sorts who'd be on the fence about it? ("Free booze" is already on the list.)
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Just a quick notice! Semi-hiatus through the weekend (2nd-4th) and full hiatus until next Friday (10th) for both Sam and CT ([personal profile] soundslikeafuckingkid)! I've got several exams next week that I'mma be preparing for and all that jazz!

Both of them are, more or less, on autopilot. If something super important happens, please ping me at my plurk (rarimmadinosaur). Godmode rights for Sam are going to Anarin and CT is going to Kraks. <3 Just in case something station-destroying happens. If activity check goes up during that time, activity can easily be found in the top entry of both of their journals.
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So it has recently become impossible to exist on the internet without running across some form of spoiler related to Mass Effect 3. Given its imminent launch, I am unsurprised. However, since I would prefer not to be spoiled on it, I'm taking a general hiatus from the internet until the 7th or 8th.

Oddly enough, this means I'll probably be doing more tags on my existing threads because I will be cutting myself off of social networking and video and image sites. Well...until the game comes out. Then I'll be silent until I come back off hiatus.

ANYWHO, continue being awesome everybody--peace out.

This (sort of) effects:
[personal profile] cmdr_renegade - Shepard
[personal profile] dug_the_dog - Dug
[personal profile] ba_dum_chhhh - The Joker


1 Mar 2012 08:39 pm
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I'm very, very sorry to do this, especially to all my wonderful castmates, but I've decided I need to drop the game. I've had a lot of fun here, with all of my characters, but I don't think the game itself is a good fit for me, and I'm not able to keep up with it the way I should.

This affects:
- Georgia Mason [personal profile] truthwontrest
- May Daye [personal profile] nobodysfetch
- Olivia Dunham [personal profile] nolimitation
- Harry Dresden [personal profile] w_for_wizard
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I pretty much need to just bite the bullet and accept that staring at these tags and not doing them is the least productive thing in the world. I'm just not able to write anything right now, for various reasons, and so I'm just gonna officially put myself on hiatus so at least people will know that I'm not ignoring you, I'm just not able to respond.

My brain might decide to stop being an asshole and let me tag at some point in the next two weeks, or I might have to extend my hiatus, but I'm hoping I'll be able to get it to unbend so I can get going again.

In the meantime, this affects:
EDI | [personal profile] thatisajoke
Kim Ross | [personal profile] autodidacticrobogirl
Tachikoma | [personal profile] weareallalive
Tintakki | [personal profile] shortlived

Man, hiatusing is popular right now, I feel super trendy.


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