23 Feb 2012

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Cut for blah blah blahs in b4 no1curr sammo )

Hiatus it is. I'm not dropping because I love this game a lot and I really enjoy it and the people I've met here. And I don't want to leave. If this turns out longer than expected, I will drop because I hate to just be a squatter, but for now. Just hiatus. Taking a break. And hopefully this crap ends soon because I love playing with all of you guys. Assume teleporter malfunctions for all of mine post-Prom and anything you want to assume happened pre-Prom I'm for since I know I've left a decent amount of threads/plots hanging without finishing them up (again Kates - hella sorry).
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Tentatively coming off Hiatus? I am off vacation and my netbook is working, but the internet is out at home and I don't know when it's going to be fixed. For now I've been crashing at coffee shops and McDonald's and the like, but once I start work tomorrow I'll have less time and energy for that kind of thing. :(

For the sake of time, I'm going to have to drop pre-prom threads. If there's anything you really want to continue, let me know.


23 Feb 2012 12:55 pm
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hey guys, calling a brief hiatus to handle university related crap. hopefully no longer than a week. i will slowly continue tagging all the threads i have, and tagging everything prom related and planned out, but i will be indecently slow.

pm, pplurk or e-mail if you need me.

affects: alex mercer and north dakota.

over and out,


23 Feb 2012 10:58 pm
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Hi guys! I am moving across the country tomorrow, which means a four day road trip followed by lots of unpacking. YAY. Thus, hiatus for about a week.

I may be around tagging in the evenings, but that depends on how exhausted I am. HOWEVER, I will backtag everything for as long as people want to when I return! <333

Godmode rights for Sarah go to her other half (no not the one she's dating) and Parker, to everyone's relief, will be stuck in a teleporter where she can't harass anyone.

And um.

I think that's it.

See you soon, Sing!


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