21 Feb 2012

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Hola, Carolyn aqui.

DW has asked us to limit posts to around the 3000-comment mark to reduce load on the database, so I've put up an overflow post for Prom. If you could start moving threads over to that one, and just throw a link to the new thread at the bottom of your old one, that would really help.

Feel free to keep going as long as you want. If you fill up the next post, I'll open another one after that.

Thanks a lot!


21 Feb 2012 11:09 am
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Hey guys, Stefan here.

I'm sorry to say that I'll be dropping Garrus Vakarian (and seeing as he's my only character, the game). I've had a lot of fun here, met some wonderful people and the ride's been a blast. But I haven't been able to get myself back into a good spot to actually play Garrus with any sort of regularity for the last few months and I think I'm going to let it go for the moment.

Feel free to keep up with me on plurk if you like; I love all of you wonderful people and I want to stay in touch!


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I need to call a mini-hiatus for about a week or so; I'm currently stuck in Houston for what I thought would be a simple audit but apparently not. Hotel internet is never as nice as you want it to be, tags are that far harder to smash out, and therefore my motivation drops considerably.

This effects Tony Stark, John Watson, and midget loki (616). I am incredibly behind on prom tags and I do apologize! If I've also dropped a thread you want picked up/start a thread you really want, just leave a note and I'll jump on that ASAP.
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Odd here.

Sad to say that it's now massacre effect, and Zaeed is on the cutting block. Dropping him not because I don't have time for him, but because I don't think I can give him the energy and attention needed to keep playing him. He is survived by his amazing CR that has lasted for over a year, and a large cache of explosives. That he bequeaths to Vriska in the event of his demise.

"I fucked a Spartan and lived" are his parting words.

See you, space cowboy.
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Hey guys, Mindy's computer is being a tool, so she's not gonna be around for a while until she gets it fixed.



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