19 Feb 2012

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Hello everyone, I'm Zorn and boy am I nervous excited to be here playing with you guys. I've been stalking following the HS cast for a while now (holy shit over a year what) and I'm bringing Eridan's douchebag ancestor: Orphaner Dualscar. If people thought Eridan was bad, take a look at this piece of work. Which is also why I have this! A nice little permission post covering the general things Dualscar is capable of doing! He's an adult troll after all, and being sans human morals, and perfected sense of entitlement, he really gives no fucks about you. But I do! So please, fill that out.

ANYWAYS UH I REALLY SUCK AT INTROS AND I'M NEW TO PLAYING DUALSCAR, so please be gentle with me, I am but a fair maiden lad u///u

Also you can add me on a number of things, Plurk, Aim(zornsable), or even skype(zornsable) if ya want!


19 Feb 2012 07:32 pm
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I'm gonna be taking a hiatus, not sure how long it'll be yet, so let's say "indefinite" for the moment. Applies to Rose Lalonde, Meta-Ridley and Sonic the Hedgehog. All three character will be autopilot during this stretch.

I'll still be milling about though, so if for any reason you need to contact me, be it IC or OOC, you know where to go. Hit me on Viewtiful Rekk for AIM or ViewtifulJeff on plurk.

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Hey, Singlings. Zero here. Can't juggle everything properly right now, so Protoman is going on autopilot for a while. I can't really say for certain how long it'll be - let's tentatively call it a month.

I'll still be around on AIM at alivestorm93 and plurk at [plurk.com profile] clockworkbrain if anyone needs me.



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