18 Feb 2012


18 Feb 2012 12:50 pm
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Hey all, Pen here. Just a quick heads up that I'm dropping Lily. She's just not really clicking for me. Sorry to everyone who liked her; I had fun playing her with you guys.

Everyone else is still around, though, so don't worry :)
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2up everyone. I'm Steph, I'm brand new at Sing (and a fairly new dreamwidth rper, so excuse my LAMENESS ATTRIBUTE.) I'll be bringing in one Sollux Captor from an AU myself and a friend created, if you wish to know more about it, my app is on my page AS WELL AS you are free to ask me or drop me a message on:

Susrien @ Plurk
Susrien @ AIM

Feel free to add those for plotting reasons or just to drop a line.

I'm not very good at this intro stuff, but I would love to play with all of you and stuff! <3

Um Welp

18 Feb 2012 11:08 pm
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My name is Sire and much to Linda poking me until I bleed from her sharp sticks I am bringing in a CR AU Karkat from Homestuck. So yes, angry trolls with gray text. He is going to be one of them. The key difference here is that this one is an adult from game shenanigans. He also happens to be suffering from an extreme inferiority complex, also due to previous game shenanigans. This one will be a little more withdrawn than usual, just kind of trying to figure out what his place is in all of this ( self confidence is a thing he no longer has ). I didn't mean to be apping in a sliiiightly broken character, but yeah. He only really came into contact with one human ( Zoro ) and plenty of ancestors so there's really no need to worry about him having any real 4-walling power.

Yeah, I am awkward turtle forever. If anyone wants some further details on this sorry excuse for a Karkat, then feel free to ask. My AIM is spiralcadence and Plurk is composertan. Feel free to add if desired.

Um. Yeap. Sure looking forward to playing with everyone here soon and just going over here before I die of awkward feels.


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