16 Feb 2012

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'Sup, Singularity! I bring to you a potential plotty thing, one that I've been tossing around on Plurk and in the most recent rpanons post, on Sing's plot with me thread.

This idea? A FOOTBALL LEAGUE (football in this case meaning soccer I'M AMERICAN my character is not IDK HOW TO REFER TO THINGS).

What would this theoretically involve? -- Characters forming teams and playing games against one another. Has the potential for people to get involved through playing, spectating, brutally mocking, and gambling on the games. Games could get violent, betting could go sour -- and, on the other hand, we could have inspirational team-stories about underdogs and last-minute victories.

This is all pretty rough right now, so I'm looking for feedback on how it might be executed. My thoughts:

- Team signups with a minimum of four people (one goalie, three players). Possibly a maximum, as well. There aren't enough people to support big teams, after all.
- Games decided by dice roll (within reason; a super-ninja isn't going to lose to a normal dude with no soccer experience, but the normal dude being lucky could bring them pretty close). We could also work out a few key moments OOCly.
- Limiting players to human(oid) form? I'm willing to play with this one. Being a giant robot and having to kick a ball into a tiny goal might have some amazing humor value.
- People needing a fourth (or fifth or whatever) member for their team reaching out to new people for new CR?

I really don't know how much interest there might be. If there's enough for at least a couple of teams, Charles will be all over making them play each other. He'll wear a little ref outfit and have a whistle and write up Official Rules and everything.

Thoughts? Might anyone be interested in this? Any gaping oversights?
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Danzy here, and this affects [personal profile] assguardian and [personal profile] flyting/MCU!Loki.

I'm calling in a mini-hiatus for most of the week, so I can sort out some health- and life-related issues. I'm not dropping any of my current threads, though if anyone wants to drop them I'm more than happy to accommodate that; I also know I promised some people interaction with the prom, if you guys are still up for it I hope it's cool to backtag? ;A;!

I'll still be active-ish on plurk (@gilgrado) if anyone needs to contact me. Catch y'all laters, guys.
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Hello to everyone here! My friends call me P or Pyne, and I'm bringing Batou to Singularity. Batou's from the ridiculously gratuitous series Ghost in the Shell, and this is the older, more burnt-out version from the second movie Innocence. Which is totally great, by the by~

Batou is a cyborg, but he's 'fond' of animals, small children and playing dicking pranks on people. He has canonically broken into a house to read a little girl's diary to laugh about it, and kidnapped someone while they were using the bathroom for the lulz. Other than that, he's into philosophical debates and wondering if he exists or not.

I'm always willing to plot. :D

My plurk is 'deinocherids' and my aim is lovely annelid.

edit: when I say 'fond' I don't mean 'fond' in a creepy way. He's protective over children and small animals, but he's not very emotive around them.
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Sup Singularity. I'm Jamie (or Henry, or Henhen if you're Vic) and I know way more of you guys than I thought I did. SMALL INTERWEBS, EH?

I bring you Adam Jensen, the sexy trauma llama BAMF protagonist from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He's an ex-cop, ex-SWAT, and due to a fight with a plate glass wall (which he lost, btw) and a bullet to the head he's now sporting some fancy mechanical arms, legs and various other bits. When he's not chasing someone down with a gun in his hand he's hating life and trying to booze his cares away.


You can reach me via plurk at hellblazing or via AIM at brbsilenthill.


16 Feb 2012 08:41 pm
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My name is Hydok and I am brand new here and bringing in Justin Law from the Soul Eater manga. Well, the manga and then about a year and a half in another game, Facility. So yes! It is nice to meet you all and I am very excited to be here!

My AIM is swawrmqueenhydok and my plurk is [plurk.com profile] hydok, if ever you want to get in contact with me!
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Hiiiiiii everybody! My name is Hiccup and this is Molly Hayes from Marvel's (616) Runaways series. She's an 11-year-old mutant who found out her parents were actually supervillains trying to wipe out all of humanity, so she ran away with her parents' friends' kids. Her entire canon is a testament to how some things don't change in a world filled with superheroes: at least bad parenting and social services don't.

She used to have a crush on Wolverine until she met him and threw him out of a church. Literally.

I'm on AIM at troperific and my plurk is [plurk.com profile] spellcoats!


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