14 Feb 2012

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 SO HI. I'm totally new (woo!) and I'm bringing in this dude right here. His name's Gale Hawthorne from Hunger Games! He's a hothead and he wants EVERYONE TO BE ANGRY AND BITTER SOMETIMES JUST LIKE HE'S ANGRY AND BITTER SOMETIMES. :V Otherwise, he's a pretty normal rebel from a very, very effed up world. 

OH AND ME. Hi, I'm Kota and I'm super bad at intros. But you can hit me up on aim or plurk at waningsunflower! I look forward to playing with you guys! I might not be able to do my first post for a smidge bit buuuuuuut...I'm super excited for it! 

So hello and thank you, friends! 
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WHOOPS JUMPED THE GUN IN EXCITEMENT AND POSTED TO THE NETWORK COMM FIRST but hello Singularity!! Jae here, with Karrin Murphy of The Dresden Files, the lady whose picture is pasted next to 'badass normal' in the Big Book O' Tropes.

Edit: For those who don't know, Murphy is the former-cop sidekick of one Harry Dresden, wizard, and occasional Knight of the Cross. She knows more about martial arts than social graces and is prone to proving points with her fists. u__u

I ALSO PLAY STEVE ROGERS, FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW, and am on a bit of a slowatus at the moment due to a major project being due this week, but I couldn't resist.
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 Well, I've never been one for introductions, but here goes. My name's Bofu, and this is Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly, that show with the space and the crime and the cursing in foreign languages. He's not going to be too far out of his element here, all things considered. I'm hoping to engage in some thrilling crime and buffoonery with him, and I'm always open to suggestions regarding either.

I've got a permissions/stats post here, and I've put up an HMD page here. I hope to have him up and running in just a day's time or so, and I look forward to it very much!


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