10 Feb 2012

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Hello, everyone! This is Kari, resident Dave Strider (canon) player here at Sing, and I'm dragging in the Archangel, Flonne! She's a wonderful young(?) angel with an affinity towards the romantic, forgiveness, and obsessively nerdy tendencies. She also has a bit of a complex surrounding her age, which will certainly not be helped by being around people who are so much younger than her.

If you need an example, this is her standard modus operandi.

Anyhow, it's great to drag a second character in, especially one I've missed playing for so long. As always, you can find me at derpy angel @ AIM (FINALLY RELEVANT ONCE MORE) and karijou @ plurk! o7 See you guys soon!
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Hey, its me- Dirge, bringing you a character nobody knows or wants- Dirge!  :D

He's a sad little clone of Starscream that didn't even make it into the show.  He did, however, have a toy.  Which I have.  Three of.  /cough

I'm bringing him in with CR from Axiom, so people he knew there- its up to you if you want him to recognize you.

My aim is SixthClone if you want to get in touch with me and I'm super excited to be here!
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Hi everybody! This is Mandolin here, player of Betty Ross, with my second character: Rosalie "Ro" Rowen from the DCAU toon The Zeta Project, a spinoff of Batman Beyond set in the same universe and timeframe as BB. It's basically The Fugitive in the 2050s with a robot and his smartass sidekick on the run from the feds. Ro is not the robot.

You can find the series on Veoh; I recommend it, especially the Season 2 episodes which have much better animation. (Sadly, only Season 1 is on DVD. Woe.)

This particular version of Ro is a CRAU version who's spent over a year trapped in an interdimensional zombie camp with her best friend - and consequently, her weirdness tolerance has skyrocketed. She's being dropped into the Junkyard shortly after dealing with Valentine's Day shenanigans, and after that trainwreck she will not be pleased to find out that Valentine's is coming up yet again.

THANK YOU to the mods for getting through that hideously rambling app and to Roy for cheerleading and looking it over. ♥

SO HAPPY I GOT HER IN BEFORE VALENTINE'S. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. She's going to be so pissed off.
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Hi Singularity!

I'm brand-new, and I'm here to bring you Anya Lehnsherr, Magneto's 100% human daughter, from a canon What-If timeline where she isn't stuffed in the fridge as a toddler. Instead she grows up all bitter and twisted and resentful about being the unloved useless human and successfully plots to murder everyone. =D

(Basically what I am saying is that x-gene or not, she fits right in with this screwed-up family.)

Anywho, I'm Isabelle. I'm shipoftheseus on plurk and vibishantheshiny on AIM. Feel free to add me on either or both! I'm super excited to be here and I can't wait to play with you all.
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...or not. (Sorry, little Deadlock joke there) Hi, it's me, Kyra whom you hopefully don't remember from before with my hi-then-life-implosion with Vasquez.   Life has stopped sucking, so here I am, dying to get into what I just had a taste of before.

Deadlock is also an aggressive jerk SOOOO apologies in advance. He eventually in canon turns into a pretty nice weeaboo Autobot, but where's the fun in that? XD So there's a spark of gold in there...somewhere. Good luck finding it~!

I'm kyrialis on plurk and zenbladeKyra on AIM, so feel free to hit me up either place! I look forward to  playing with the awesome cast here and do it right this time. :)

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...Probably not anyone you were hoping for, but I live to disappoint. This here is Nue, from the short series Karas. He's used to be a demon of the nue (hence the name, durrhurr) variety, who ended up with the wrong crowd and was turned into a giant mechanical monster vampire thing. He bleeds glowsticks!

He lives off human vital fluids (mostly blood), but generally he prefers noodles and beer.

He was here ages ago, and he'll be remembering his previous stay so... guess who stepped through a teleporter and lost nearly a year of time? That's right, this guy.

Also I dropped Kal'Reegar--he was fun, but the muse just wasn't sticking very well with the game. Sorry to anyone this inconveniences!
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Hey, this is Nikil with a second character, Elec Man from the Megamix canon. He's from after the third volume, but before the first volume of Gigamix (I do plan to canon update him to the end of Gigamix whenever I can get the other two volumes). So he's not in the best mood at the moment, though he'll try to cover it up.


10 Feb 2012 09:09 pm
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yeah me neither. UH, this is Varis, you know. Rapunzel and Kaidan mun that giant inactive flake. Anyway, I've decided to stop putting off being horribly inactive which was due partially to RL stuff but mostly just lack of the ability to... focus.

So, I am attempting my grand come-back, and I'm bringing Bethany Hawke (Who I applied for like... last month and haven't introed yet sob) with me. Also Rapunzel. I'm putting Kaidan on a hiatus for a couple weeks to give me time to get my Xbox fixed so I can canon review and decide if I still have his voice or not.

So in my vasty absence, Rapunzel was just missing, teleporter malfunction, and I'll be posting with her in a bit. Kaidan'll also be going missing. No one mess with his shit while he's gone. :|
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Hello, Sing. This is Ultimate Thor. He's new to Sing, so be gentle.

Thor is a hippie. He likes long walks in the Norwegian landscape, talks about political, social and environmental change like some hipster you might want to punch in the face, but let's face it, you'd probably break your hand before that happens (oh look at that run-on-sentence). Oh, yes. I'm an idiot and forgot to tell you that Thor's a product of a super solider program.

Difference between him and MCU!Thor is, Thor is a mortal man. Like you and me, just jacked up with his own equipment and hammer. So he might not be a God, but you ain't getting a good right hook on him any time soon, boyo. What you can get, for a feasible fee of $0.00, is an intro thread from him.

And who am I? I'm BATMAN SAM.

In all seriousness, I love Batman jokes and I'm very excited to be here!!! I'm SamInABox @ Plurk and stromlo @ AIM. Peace o/!


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